Burchard I. (Swabia)

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Burchard I of Swabia (* 855-860; † November 5 or November 23 911 , executed) was the first Duke of Swabia (909-911), Markgraf in Rätien and Graf in Thurgau and Baar .


Burchard was born as the son of Count Adalbert II the Illustrious in Thurgau (825–905), great-grandson of Margrave Hunfried I of Istria and Raetia , and Judiths of Friuli (830–902). From his marriage to an unknown woman, the children Burchard II. (* Around 885; † fallen April 29, 926 before Novara ) and Udalrich von Schwaben (* 884 or 885; † unknown) emerged. Burchard occurred about 909 succeed Ruadulf of the House of Guelph as Dux , Marquis or Comes for the border area of the region Rätien on. Burchard also administered the Bertoldsbaar county since 889 .

Burchard was the most powerful ruler in Swabia around 900. In an exchange contract from 904, Burchard is also found as Vogt of the Swabian estates of Lorsch Abbey . To expand his power, he began against Count Palatine Erchanger , a loyal subordinate of Conrad I , and the Bishop Solomon III. von Konstanz , abbot of the St. Gallen monastery (→  Appenzell Ausserrhoden ), to intrigue. Burchard was captured and charged by the Swabian state parliament with high treason and found guilty. His son, Burchard II , and his wife Regelinda were able to flee to relatives in Italy, but lost their property in Swabia and Raetia. Burchard and his brother Adalbert, the Count of Thurgau , were executed in 911.


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