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Erchanger , also Erchangar II. († January 21, 917 , possibly in Aldingen near Spaichingen ), was royal messenger , count palatine in Swabia and from 915 to 917 Duke of Swabia . He was probably a son of the Swabian Count Palatine Berchthold I (also called Erchanger I) (around 880/892) and a daughter of the Etichonen Erchanger (the Younger) († around 864), Count in Alsace (other sources name Gisela of East Franconia (* 840; † 891), daughter of King Ludwig II. , As his mother), and thus a member of the Alaholfinger family . His sister Kunigunde married Margrave Luitpold von Karantanien and in their second marriage Konrad I. His brother was Berchthold. Erchanger's wife was Bertha († 966).

Erchanger was the royal messenger and estate manager in Swabia. Erchanger and Bishop Solomon III supported each other until 911 . of Konstanz due to their common political interests. Erchanger, but also Burchard I and his son Burchard II , strived for power in Swabia. Erchanger played a key role in the elimination of Burchard I, who was charged with high treason in 911 and executed. After the Burchardinger had lost their supremacy, Erchanger and his brother Berchthold were the most influential counts in Alemannia. In 913 a dispute between Erchanger and King broke Conrad I made. As a gesture of reconciliation, Erchanger married his sister Kunigunde, whose husband Luitpold had just died, to Konrad I, who in return appointed Erchanger as a representative of the kingdom in Swabia. This brought him into opposition to Bishop Solomon. In 914, Erchanger, seeing his income reduced by the bishop, ordered him to be captured. Thereupon King Konrad had Erchanger captured and sent into exile. Bishop Solomon regained his freedom.

A year later, in 915, Erchanger returned. In the same year he and Burchard II fought victoriously against the Hungarians in the Battle of the Inn alongside the Bavarian Duke Arnulf . Then Erchanger and Burchard allied against King Konrad I and defeated him in the battle of Wahlwies in Hegau. Erchanger was then proclaimed Duke of Swabia.

Because of his offenses against the king and the bishop Erchanger was sentenced to monastery imprisonment by the Synod of Hohenaltheim in September 916 . While trying to reconcile with King Konrad I, he and his brother were executed on the king's orders on arrival in January 917. Erchanger's goods were confiscated and his wife Bertha was allowed to keep her property.


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Burchard I. Duke of Swabia
Burchard II