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Cailler is a Swiss chocolate brand owned by Nestlé SA .


It was founded in 1819 by François-Louis Cailler as a trading company for cocoa powder and chocolate. Shortly afterwards the first chocolate factory in Switzerland with industrial production was built. In 1898 the company moved to the new factory in Broc. Strong growth followed under the leadership of Alexandre-François-Louis Cailler. At the turn of the century, Cailler was the top-selling company in the Swiss chocolate industry. Due to the strong growth and urgently needed investments, the company was converted into a stock corporation in 1900 . In 1911 she merged with Peter and Kohler and began to export abroad. During the First World Warthe company got into crisis as the export markets collapsed. 1929 took place fusion with Nestlé . Many new products came onto the market under the brand name Cailler , including Frigor and Fémina. During the global economic crisis, there was a threat of closure. In 2013 the Maison Cailler had 368,000 visitors from all over the world; 2016: 411,864, 2019: 417,429.


The Cailler family is originally from Daillens with Vevey , where in 1683 the first time in Bürgerbuch was mentioned. From 1920 the Caillers have civil rights in Broc . François-Louis Cailler began industrial chocolate production in Corsier-sur-Vevey in 1819 ; his sons Auguste and François-Alexandre moved their father's business to Rue des Bosquets in Vevey. The daughter Fanny-Louise married Daniel Peter in 1863 , who subsequently also entered the chocolate business. The founder's grandson, Alexandre-François-Louis Cailler, moved the factory to Broc in the Gruyère region in 1898 . His son Noël took it over from him. After the merger with Nestlé, the sons Georges and Claude remained on the board of directors, but the Cailler family no longer had any influence on the Cailler brand.


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