François-Louis Cailler

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François-Louis Cailler (born June 11, 1796 in Vevey ; † April 6, 1852 in Corsier-sur-Vevey ) was a Swiss chocolate pioneer and founder of the Cailler chocolate factory .


François-Louis Cailler
Cailler chocolate factory in Broc-Fabrique

Cailler in Vevey made an apprenticeship as a grocer before in Turin the craft of chocolate makers learned. In 1818 he returned to Vevey and built machines for the mechanical production of chocolate. In 1819 he opened the first chocolate factory in Switzerland in Corsier-sur-Vevey and was the first to produce chocolate in the bar shape that is still popular today. Thanks to machine production, the previously extremely high prices fell to a level that was tolerable even for less wealthy people.

Cailler was married to Louise Albertine Perret from Boudry and had three children with her: Auguste, François-Alexandre, who later took over the father's business, and Fanny-Louise, who later became the wife of the Swiss chocolatier Daniel Peter .

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