Carina Barcos

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Carina Barcos biathlon
Association ArgentinaArgentina Argentina
birthday March 8, 1977
place of birth Bariloche
job soldier
society Club de Montaña Cazadores de los Andes
Trainer Carlos Gastón Fanti
Debut in the European Cup / IBU Cup 2002
Debut in the World Cup 2002
status resigned
End of career 2007 (?)
World Cup balance
last change: end of career

Carina Barcos (born March 8, 1977 in Bariloche ) is a former Argentine biathlete .

Carina Barcos comes from the Argentine winter sports stronghold of Bariloche, where cross-country skiing and biathlon are also practiced, where she also lives and trained. The soldier who started for Club de Montaña Cazadores de los Andes was trained by Carlos Gastón Fanti. In 2002 she contested her first race in the Biathlon World Cup in a sprint in Oberhof and was 91st of a sprint. At the Military World Ski Championships in Kranjska Gora in 2002 , Barcos was 33rd in the 10-kilometer freestyle. In Windischgarsten she won first points in the European Cup at the beginning of the 2002/03 season as the 24th of a sprint . Towards the end of the season in Gurnigel she reached a first top ten place in sprint tenth, in the pursuit race based on it she came in eighth to her only single-digit result. Barcos achieved their best placement in the World Cup in 2004 when they finished 78th in a sprint in Pokljuka . The high point of her career was the 2004 Biathlon World Championships in Oberhof, where the Argentine finished 85th in the sprint race. After that, she only contested several races in the World and European Cups in 2006. Barcos also won a title at the South American Championships.

Biathlon World Cup placements

The table shows all placements (depending on the year, including the Olympic Games and World Championships).

  • 1st - 3rd Place: Number of podium placements
  • Top 10: Number of placements in the top ten (including podium)
  • Points ranks: Number of placements within the point ranks (including podium and top 10)
  • Starts: Number of races run in the respective discipline
placement singles sprint persecution Mass start Season total
1st place  
2nd place  
3rd place  
Top 10  
Starts 2 10       12
Status: end of career

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