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Carl Marstrander

Carl Johan Sverdrup Marstrander (born November 26, 1883 in Kristiansand , Norway , † December 23, 1965 in Oslo ) was a Norwegian Celtologist and Indo-Europeanist , Germanic Medievalist , linguist and rune researcher . He was professor of Celtology at Kristiania University in Oslo.

Marstrander came from a middle-class background, his father Frederik was a school principal, his mother was Christiane Henriette (née Brodtkorb Sverdrup). He graduated from high school in his hometown and hometown in 1902 and then switched to a non-commissioned officer school of the Norwegian armed forces until 1903.

From 1903 to 1907 he studied Classical Philology , Indo-European Studies and Celtic Language in Oslo , among others with Sophus Bugge and Alf Torp . As part of his Celtic studies, a study visit to Great Blasket, the main island of the Blasket Islands , off the south coast of Ireland took him in 1907 . There he worked with the fisherman and chronicler Tomás Ó Criomhthain to take stock of the Irish language. In 1908 he received a fellowship in comparative linguistics and from 1909 to 1913 he was appointed to a professorship in Celtic and comparative linguistics at the School of Irish Learning in Dublin . From 1913 he held a chair for Celtic philology in Oslo, which he set up personally until his retirement in 1953. During this time Marstrander had another study visit to the French Brittany from 1919 to 1922 .

Marstrander's areas of research and teaching were, in addition to Indo-European studies and Celtology (Old Irish, Celtic-Italic and Celtic-Nordic language contacts), the Germanic languages, in particular Gothic , Old High German and Old Saxon philology and runology. Academic students of Marstrander are: Hjalmar Borgstram , Ottar Grønvik , Gerd Høst , Magne Oftedal .


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