Charles Engelhard

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Charles Engelhard (born March 8, 1867 in Hanau , † December 1, 1950 in Bernhardville , New Jersey ) was a German industrialist.

In 1896 Charles Engelhard von Hanau emigrated to the USA, where he became a leading industrialist as a representative of the Heraeus Group. In 1902 he founded Engelhard Corporation , a platinum, gold and silver refining company, through the purchase of the Charles F. Croselmire Company of Newark , New Jersey. In 1904 he bought Baker & Co., a platinum melting and refining company that was also based in Newark. In 1905 he founded the Hanovia Chemical and Manufacturing Company, based in Newark. The Engelhard Corporation became the largest processor of precious and platinum group metals.

In the autumn of 1947 he visited Hanau, where Mayor Karl Rehbein presented him with the letter of honor dated September 30, 1947 .

Before the Second World War , he generously sponsored the construction of the “Hanauer Haus” youth home in Rückersbach . After the end of the war, he supported the needy Hanau population with donated food parcels and subsidized the reconstruction of the church of the Walloon Church.

After Charles Engelhard's death, his son Charles W. Engelhard, Jr. inherited the family business.


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