Chinese dummies

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Chinese dummies
Yellow bitter (Ixobrychus sinensis) at Kolkata I IMG 2657.jpg

Chinadommel ( Ixobrychus sinensis )

Class : Birds (aves)
Order : Pelecaniformes
Family : Herons (Ardeidae)
Subfamily : Bitterns (Botaurinae)
Genre : Little Bittern ( Ixobrychus )
Type : Chinese dummies
Scientific name
Ixobrychus sinensis
( Gmelin , 1789)

The Yellow Bittern ( Ixobrychus sinensis ) is a common in East Asia relative of the Little Bittern . She belongs to the heron family .


The 30 to 40 cm long Chinese dobble is characterized, like all representatives of the dummies, by a short neck and a long beak. It weighs an average of 54 grams. Their plumage is yellowish-brown in color. The head and neck of the male are maroon with a black crown. In the female, the head, neck and breast are stripes brown, while the young are almost entirely covered with brown stripes.


It lives in southern and eastern Asia from Pakistan to India to Southeast Asia as well as to China , Korea and Japan . In the tropical part of its range it is a resident bird , while the populations of the temperate regions migrate south . The wintering areas include Indonesia and New Guinea . As Irrgast the Yellow Bittern occasionally reached the Christmas Island and Australia .

Their preferred habitat are reed-covered wetlands. It is also found in mangrove swamps and flooded rice fields.


Egg, Museum Wiesbaden collection

The Chinese dummies build a nest of reeds in the bushes or undergrowth. There the female lays four to six eggs. Their diet consists of small fish , amphibians and insects . Since it flies frequently, unlike other tommels, it is relatively easy to observe despite its otherwise hidden way of life.

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