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Chris Reifert (born February 23, 1969 in Concord , California ) is an American drummer and singer. He lives in California and is married.


His musical career began for him when Chuck Schuldiner moved from Florida to California in 1986 and continued his band Death from there.

The teammates with Death had stayed in Florida to form their own band Massacre , which is why Schuldiner needed new musicians.

In 1987 Schuldiner moved back to Florida and Reifert decided to stay in California, where he founded his own band Autopsy in 1987 . Since then he has also been active as a singer.

With Autopsy, Reifert was able to record considerable success. The albums "Severed Survival" and "Mental Funeral", as well as the EPs "Retribution for the Dead" and "Fiend for Blood" are considered classics of American Death Metal. In 1995, Autopsy was dissolved. The reason for this was a disastrous US tour in 1993, which promoted their album "Acts of the Unspeakable" from the previous year. Then the band played "Shitfun", which was released in 1995. After a farewell concert, the band broke up. In 1998 the live album "Tortured Moans of Agony" was released, which is a concert recording from August 1993. In 2001 the best-of album "Torn from the Grave" followed. In 2004 the live compilation "Dead as Fuck- Live in 91 + 93" was released, which again includes the album "Tortured Moans of Agony", as well as the live bootleg "Live from the Grave" from 1991. Reifert was founded in 1994 with some former colleagues the band Abscess , with which he was active until 2010. In the same year, Reifert announced the dissolution of Abscess and the simultaneous reformation of Autopsy, after the single "Horrific Obsession" with new songs was released under this name in 2009, which were added to the "20th Anniversary Edition" of the debut album "Severed Survival" and Autopsy had played a few acclaimed shows. According to Reifert, more shows and a new autopsy album are planned. In 2010 the EP "The Tomb Within" was released, and the compilation "Awakened by Gore", which like the CD "Ridden with Disease" released in 2000, contains the band's early demos. In 2011 the album "Macabre Eternal" followed, which is the longest autopsy album to date with a playing time of 65 minutes. In 2012 the compilation "All Tomorrow's Funeral" followed, which contained a new recording of an old demo track "Mauled to Death", four new songs, the "The Tomb Within" EP, the "Horrific Obsession" single, the "Fiend for Blood" EP and the "Retribution for the Dead" includes. In addition, the double live DVD "Born Undead" was released in the same year. The album "The Headless Ritual" followed in 2013, and just under a year later the album "Tourniquets, Hacksaws & Graves", the final song of which is the band's anthem "Autopsy". The lyrics allude to nearly 40 songs by the band from 1987 to 2014. In 2015 the EP "Skull Grinder" was released, in 2016 the retrospective "After the Cutting" with 81 songs. In 2017 the cassette box "Skin Begins to Rot" was released, which contains the first three albums. On December 15th of the same year the EP "Puncturing the Grotesque" was released with six new tracks and the Bloodbath cover "Fuck You !!!", which also appeared on the first Split-7 "of the band's history on the same day. A Cancer cover can be heard from Bloodbath on the side. In 2018 the compilation "Critical Madness: The Demo Years" was released, which contains the first two demos, the rare song "Christ Denied" and rehearsals from 1987 and 1988. June 2018 the 12 "Compilation" Sign of the Corpse "was released, which contains the five new songs from the" All Tomorrow's Funerals "compilation and the" Horrific Obsession "single. In October the band announced that they would be writing a new studio album.

Furthermore, Reifert was or is still the drummer in various projects such as Ravenous, Doomed and EatMyFuk, Violation Wound , Painted Doll and Siege of Power.

Chris Reifert has also worked as a guest singer and guest drummer with the bands Murder Squad , Immortal Fate Nuclear Death and Machetazo .




  • Autopsy - 1987 Demo (1987)
  • Autopsy - Critical Madness (1988)
  • Autopsy - Severed Survival (1989)
  • Autopsy - Retribution for the Dead (1991)
  • Autopsy - Mental Funeral (1991)
  • Autopsy - Fiend for Blood (1992)
  • Autopsy - Acts of the Unspeakable (1992)
  • Autopsy - Shitfun (1995)
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  • Autopsy - Torn from the Grave (2001)
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  • Autopsy - Horrific Obsession (2009)
  • Autopsy - Macabre Eternal (2011)
  • Autopsy - All Tomorrow's Funerals (2012)
  • Autopsy - The Headless Ritual (2013)
  • Autopsy - Tourniquets, Hacksaws and Graves (2014)


  • Doomed - Haematomania (1991)
  • Doomed - Broken (1993)


  • Abscess - Abscess (1994)
  • Abscess - Raw, Sick, and Brutal Noize (1994)
  • Abscess - Crawled Up from the Sewer (1995)
  • Abscess - Filthy Fucking Freaks (1995)
  • Abscess - Urine Junkies (1995)
  • Abscess - Seminal Vampires and Maggot Men (1996)
  • Abscess - Open Wound (1998)
  • Abscess - Throbbing Black Werebeast (1998)
  • Abscess - Tormented (2000)
  • Abscess / Deranged Split (2001)
  • Abscess / Machetazo Split (2001)
  • Abscess - Through the Cracks of Death (2002)
  • Abscess - Thirst for Blood, Hunger for Flesh (2004)
  • Abscess - Damned and Mummified (2004)
  • Abscess / Bloodred Bacteria Split (2005)
  • Abscess - Horror Hammer (2007)
  • Abscess / Eat My Fuk Split (2007)
  • Abscess / Bonesaw Split (2008)

The Ravenous

  • The Ravenous - Assembled in Blasphemy (2000)
  • The Ravenous - Three on a Meathook (2002)
  • The Ravenous - Blood Delirium (2004)

Eat my fuk

  • Eat My Fuk - Wet Slit and a Bottle of Whiskey (2003)