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Christian Wilhelm Joseph Cron (born September 19, 1813 in Munich , † January 16, 1892 in Augsburg ) was a German high school teacher and rector, classical philologist , Plato researcher and corresponding member of the Bavarian Academy of Sciences .


His father, Johann Christian Cron, comes from an Evangelical Reformed shoemaker family in Zweibrücken. In his early years he came to Munich as a farm cellar assistant and got married there. Christian Cron was the third child from the father's second marriage. The father had already died when he was born.

Christian Cron attended the Alte Gymnasium in Munich (today Wilhelmsgymnasium Munich ) until 1832 ; then he moved to the university in Munich and was awarded a Dr. phil. PhD

From 1838 to 1853 he was a teacher in Erlangen, from 1853 to 1873 professor and from 1873 to 1885 rector at the grammar school near St. Anna in Augsburg.

In his first marriage he married Friedericke Henriette Johanna Franziska Gärtner from Berlin and had several children with her, including his only son Heinrich Cron (1844–1874), who also earned merit as a teacher and philologist in his short life. In his second marriage, Christian Cron was married to Emilie Elisabetha Franziska Nees von Esenbeck (1816-1892), the daughter of the naturalist and botanist Christian Gottfried Daniel Nees von Esenbeck (1776-1858).

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