Christian Ludwig von Isenburg-Birstein

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Christian Ludwig von Isenburg and Büdingen in Birstein (born October 8, 1710 in Birstein ; † July 6, 1791 ) was a Hesse-Kassel general and German prince.

His parents were Prince Wolfgang Ernst I. von Isenburg and Büdingen and Countess Friederike Elisabeth von Leiningen-Dagsburg .


He began his military career in the Hesse-Kassel Grenadier Regiment . On January 6, 1741 he received the cavalry regiment of Major General Ernst Hartmann von Diemar . In 1746 he was promoted to major general and in 1750 lieutenant general. He was then commander of the Hesse-Kassel troops in the Netherlands . In 1756 he commanded the 8,000 men whom the landgrave sent to England as auxiliary troops. His brother, Major General Johann Casimir , was also part of this troop. But he did not engage in any fighting. On March 16, 1757, he resigned because as a knight of the Teutonic Order, the German Order Ball of Hesse had fallen to him, and he now wanted to administer it. His father prepared Langenselbold Castle for him. His friend, Landgrave Friedrich II , sent him artists to decorate the rooms (including Johann August Nahl the Elder ).

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