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Christian Schiefer (born August 23, 1896 in Davos / Graubünden ; † October 19, 1998 in Lugano / Ticino ) was a Swiss photographer .

Instead of following his mother's wish to become a pastry chef, Schiefer started an apprenticeship as a photographer in 1911. After his military service, he settled in Lugano in 1920, opened a photo studio and started a family. First he made portraits and hotel brochures. Over time, he also worked for the press. In 1938 he was awarded the first prize at the International Photo Exhibition organized by the SAIT and the Autonomous Spa Administration of Campione d'Italia . As part of the general mobilization of Switzerland during the Second World War , Schiefer became a photo reporter in the military in the press and radio communication department .

He photographed the hanged Mussolini in Milan in 1945 . Schiefer sold these paintings to an American agency and became world famous.

The economic and cultural resurgence of Ticino and Lombardy in northern Italy made it possible for Schiefer to pursue a career as a star photographer with international press agencies and Swiss and German magazines .

After 73 years of activity, he did not sell his photo studio until 1986. In 1994 the Bellinzona State Archives acquired his work.

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