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Christian Wilhelm Spieker (1815)

Christian Wilhelm Spieker (actually Spiker; born April 7, 1780 in Brandenburg an der Havel , † May 10, 1858 in Frankfurt (Oder) ) was a German theological writer.


Christian Wilhelm Spieker studied at Friedrichs-Universität Halle , where he became a teacher at the Latin School and the Pedagogy of the Francke Foundations . In 1805 he became a field chaplain . In 1807 he went to Dessau as a teacher .

In 1809 Spieker went to the Brandenburg University of Frankfurt as a deacon and associate professor of theology . In 1813/14 he was a preacher with the Kurmärkische Landwehr and in 1818 became superintendent .

Spieker was a freemason , co-founder of the Singgesellschaft in Frankfurt (Oder) and founder of the Frankfurter Patriotisches Wochenblatt .


  • My journey from Halle to the Brocken (1803)
  • The Happy Children (1808)
  • Emiliens Hours of Devotion (1808, 7th edition 1855)
  • Father Hellwig (1808/10)
  • Westphalian paperback (1809)
  • Hymn book for schools (1815, 5th ed. 1852)
  • Devotional book for educated Christians (1824, 10th ed. 1867)
  • The Lord's Supper (1829, 8th ed. 1868)
  • Augsburg's Creed and its Apology . With critical, historical and explanatory comments by Christian Wilhelm Spieker, doctor of philosophy and theology, professor, superintendent and pastor of Frankfurt an der Oder, Knight of the Iron Cross . I. and II. Mittler, Berlin, Posen, Bromberg 1830.
  • Morning Devotions (1831)
  • Christian evening devotions (1832, 2nd edition 1840)
  • Description and history of the Marien- or Oberkirche in Frankfurt an der Oder (1835; digitized in the Google book search)
  • Biography of Duke Maxim. Julius Leopold von Braunschweig (1835, 2nd verb. Ed. 1839)
  • Depictions from the life of the Superintendent General and Consistorial Councilor Carl Friedrich Brescius (1845)
  • History of the city of Frankfurt an der Oder (1st part 1853; digitized version )
  • Life story of Andreas Musculus (1858)


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