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Christoph J. Keller (born September 15, 1959 in Geldern ) is a German composer, pianist, music teacher and music reviewer.


After graduating from the Friedrich-Spee-Gymnasium in Geldern, Christoph J. Keller studied school music and music education at the Saarbrücken University of Music and also musicology and theology at the Saarland University. He then completed a concert tour with a major in piano with Jean Micault . Christoph J. Keller lives as a freelance composer, pianist, music teacher and music reviewer in Oldenburg . He writes reviews of new sheet music and compact discs with contemporary music for the Neue Musikzeitung , Das Orchester and Üben & Musiegen . He is a long-time member of the German Tonkünstlerverband (DTKV), the European Piano Teachers Association (EPTA) and the German Composers Association (DKV).


The focus of his oeuvre is on works for piano (solo and four hands), compositions for single-tone accordion, chamber music in various ensembles, and melodramatic works for speaker and piano. Keller composes in a tonal language in which an expanded and free tonality, expressive dynamics and a rather strict formal system are style-forming features. His music bears clear references to the late work of Alexander Scriabin and includes, in addition to further developed quartz harmonics, contemporary playing and composition techniques. The works are traditionally notated and only occasionally have graphic elements.


  • Atlantis - for piano four hands (Inventio Musikverlag)
  • The Antichrist - melodramatic oratorio for speakers, vocal soloists, choir, organ, trumpet, trombone and percussion (Inventio Musikverlag)
  • The Viennese classics on the road - for piano four hands (Inventio Musikverlag)
  • Through the year - for accordion (Augemus Musikverlag)
  • Epigrams - for accordion (Augemus Musikverlag)
  • Discover & Design - for accordion or piano (Augemus Musikverlag)
  • Fantasy - for accordion and percussion (Augemus Musikverlag)
  • Improvisata - for recorder and accordion (Augemus Musikverlag)
  • In Wonderland - for piano solo (Inventio Musikverlag)
  • Impressions - for piano four hands (Noetzel Edition)
  • Inparlando - for cello solo (Inventio Musikverlag)
  • Kaleidoscope - for piano solo (Inventio Musikverlag)
  • Landscape pictures - for accordion (Augemus Musikverlag)
  • Meditation - for flute and accordion (Augemus Musikverlag)
  • Memento Mori - for two accordions (Augemus Musikverlag)
  • Memento Mori - for two pianos (Inventio Musikverlag)
  • Metamorphoses - for accordion (Augemus Musikverlag)
  • Metamorphoses - for piano solo (Inventio Musikverlag)
  • Mosaik I - for piano four hands (Inventio Musikverlag)
  • Mosaik II - for piano four hands (Inventio Musikverlag)
  • Mosaik III - for piano four hands (Inventio Musikverlag)
  • New youth album - for piano solo (Noetzel Edition)
  • Partita - for violin solo (Inventio Musikverlag)
  • Petite Suite - for recorder and accordion (Augemus Musikverlag)
  • Prelude, Inventio and Choral - for piano (Inventio Musikverlag)
  • Prelude and Fugue - for organ (Inventio Musikverlag)
  • Rêverie - for flute or violin and piano (Inventio Musikverlag)
  • Treasure Chest - for piano solo (Tonar og Steinar)
  • Six character pictures - for violin and accordion (Augemus Musikverlag)
  • Six sound studies - for piano solo (Inventio Musikverlag)
  • Dance scenes - for violoncello and accordion (Augemus Musikverlag)
  • Ten Character Dances - for recorder and accordion (Augemus Musikverlag)


  • Christophorus - appeared on "Legenden und Gebete" by duo pianoworte (Musicaphon / Klassik Center)
  • The new town hall - published on "Musikalische Streich" by duo pianoworte (Random House)
  • Der Taucher - published on "Schiller beflügelt" by duo pianoworte (Musicaphon / Klassik Center)
  • The crystal ball - appeared on "Ophelias Schattentheater" by duo pianoworte (Thorofon / Bella Musica)
  • Gallows songs and more (musicaphon, M 56961)
  • Sound studies; Prelude, inventio and chorale; Through the year - published on "Works from the manuscript archive of the DTKV" (DTKV 2012)
  • Sonnengesang - The Trio Contraste plays works by Christoph J. Keller (Gutingi)


  • 1981 - 1st prize at the Madeleine de Valmalète International Piano Competition / Paris
  • 2001 - Composition Prize of the City of Siegburg for the work "WA Mozart in Argentina"
  • 2002 - Composition Prize of the City of Siegburg for the piano cycle "In Wonderland"
  • 2004 - 1st prize at the 16th international Siegburg composers' competition for the cycle "Through the Year"
  • 2006 - Composition prize at the 18th Siegburg composition competition for the work "Präludio, Reminiscenzza e Fuga"
  • 2017 - Special prize of the Humperdinck friends for the flute quintet "Anima mundi" at the composition competition of the district town of Siegburg 2017
  • 2018 - First prize at the Ludwig van Beethoven composition competition 2018 of the DTKV Cologne / Bonn for the work "Epitaph" for violoncello and grand piano

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