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Christoph Neumann (* in Munich ) is a German author , journalist and linguist who has lived in Japan since 1995 .


Christoph Neumann grew up in Würzburg . After graduating from high school, he completed two years of community service in an anthroposophical retirement home in Frankfurt am Main . He began studying general linguistics at the University of Hamburg in 1989 , where he took the minor subjects Japanese studies and journalism . Since then he has also been working as a freelance journalist, e. B. at the BILD newspaper , Pro7 and the news magazine Focus .

In 1992 he moved to the University of Bordeaux ( France ), where he completed a double degree in linguistics and Japanese studies . In 1994 he graduated with a master's degree in linguistics and a bachelor's degree in Japanese . In 1995 he moved to Japan, initially as an exchange student at Tsukuba University . 1997 followed the entry into the doctoral course in computer science at the Technical University of Tokyo , in the year 2000 the graduation with award of the doctorate.

Since then, Christoph Neumann has been working as a software developer for speech processing software in Tokyo . At a Japanese machine translation system company, he developed, among other things, a translation system for patents. Today he works for a US company as a project manager for systems with natural voice control .

Christoph Neumann can be seen again and again as a classic gaijin on Japanese television. He was a regular guest on the television shows Koko ga Hen da yo Nihonjin and Oshiete Mr. News auf. He is the author of two non-fiction books on Japan.

Christoph Neumann's younger brother is the political scientist and terrorism expert Peter R. Neumann .


Non-fiction books:

  • This is why the Japanese get annoyed - the unvarnished madness of everyday Japanese life. Piper, 2008, ISBN 978-3-492-24508-1 ( travel library ).
  • This is why the Japanese are crazy - news from the madness of everyday Japanese life. Piper, 2013, ISBN 978-3-492-30263-0 .

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