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Clara Maria Fechner (born July 21, 1809 in Zschortau , † June 21, 1900 in Leipzig ) was a German writer .


Fechner was the daughter of Johann Wilhelm Volkmann and Friederike Tugendreich Volkmann (née Zink). On April 18, 1833, she married the physicist and philosopher Gustav Theodor Fechner (1801–1887) in Leipzig .

At the instigation of her brother, the Halle physiologist Alfred Wilhelm Volkmann , she published a book of fairy tales in 1848 under the title "Die Schwarze Tante". This is what she was called by her brother's children, including the doctor and writer Richard von Volkmann . The illustrations were created by the painter and draftsman Ludwig Richter . A separate print from it appeared in 1854 under the title "Nutcracker and Sugar Doll".

Another book by Clara Fechner describes her childhood in the Volkmann household in Zschortau. The book with the title “Childhood” is only available as a manuscript .


  • The black aunt, fairy tales, etc. Stories for children, with pictures by Ludwig Richter. Leipzig: Breitkopf & Härtel. New edition 1966, Carlsen Verlag .
  • Nutcrackers and Sugar Dolls. With 12 pictures [on plate] in color dr. by Ludwig Richter. Leipzig 1854: Schlicke.


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