Comanche (comic)

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title Comanche
country Belgium
author Greg
Illustrator Hermann
Michel Rouge
publishing company Lombard
magazine Tintin
First publication 1969-2002

Comanche is a Franco-Belgian comic series published between 1969 and 2002 .


By chance, Red Dust, a red-haired cowboy of Irish descent, ends up in the sleepy nest of Greenstone Falls in Wyoming. He is staying at the young farmer Comanche's Triple Six Ranch. Together with the quirky Ten Gallons, the colored Toby and the greenhorn Clem, he manages and defends his employer's property against Indians and cattle thieves. When Red Dust puts an end to a gang of criminals, he goes to jail. After his release, he moved further west to escape the approaching civilization. He later returns to Comanche and her ranch "666".


Greg wrote this comic western . The drawings came from Hermann , who last drew the protagonists on a page in 1985 in Les aventures mystérieuses et rocambolesques de l'agent spatial . Michel Rouge took over the graphic design in 1990. The last scenario was completed by Rodolphe . The series appeared between 1969 and 1980 in the Belgian and between 1969 and 1982 in the French edition of Tintin . Another episode was published in Hello Bédé in 1990 . Some short stories came out in Tintin Sélection and Super Tintin . The albums released Le Lombard and Dargaud . In the German-speaking area, publication began in the old zack . Koralle also released other episodes in Zack Parade and Zack Comic Box . The first albums appeared in the series The great noble westerns from Ehapa . Carlsen , Ehapa and Kult were responsible for the independent series . Kult summarized all short stories in a special volume. Splitter finally started a new edition.

Long stories

No. title year
1 Red dust 1969/70
2 War with no hope 1971
3 The wolves of Wyoming 1972
4th Red sky over Laramie 1973
5 The valley without light 1974
6th Red rebels 1975
7th The man with the devil's finger 1976
8th The sheriffs 1979
9 The Wyoming Firebirds 1980
10 The secret of Algernon Brown 1982
11 The wild 1990
12 A dollar with three sides 1992
13 The traveling circus 1995
14th Dead River 1997
15th Red Dust Express 2002

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