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County [ ˈkaʊnti ] is the English name for county . In many cases, however, the historical name is also used for political administrative units or districts, which are not presided over by aristocrats.

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There are also counties in Australia , but they have no administrative purpose, but are pure cadastral units .

Etymology and Spelling

County originally stood for the area under the jurisdiction of a count or an earl . Both titles of nobility are usually translated in German as Graf , where Earl is the name for an English and Count for a non-English earl. This is in turn derived from the French "Comte", a French official title. See also there → Comte .

German-language dictionaries also list the word. The Duden recommends the plural formation counties (as opposed to English counties ) and as gender that or that . The genitive form of the noun in the neuter is des Countys .

Individual evidence

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