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General information
origin Dettingen an der Erms , Germany
Genre (s) Crossover , hard rock
founding 1999
resolution 2008
Last occupation
Patrick Reusch
Matthias D. Ebinger
Martin "Schemme" Scherrmann
Jens Rominger
David Loeffler

Crushead was a five-piece, Christian crossover - band , which in 1999 Dettingen an der Erms was founded.


Crushead played a mix of crossover and hard rock . The group called their style "Crunch 'n' Roll".

After the band gained their first stage and concert experience in front of a large audience between 2000 and 2002 with great musical acts such as Disciple , Snubnose and Savior Machine , they were in the following years at festivals such as the Ennepetal Christmas Rock Night (CRN) and the Owener Rock night better known in the German-speaking Christian music scene. With their music, Crushead combines the message of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ .

Since the drummer David Löffler spent a year in Mali, Markus Kern ( Capewalk ) stepped in and played on all songs on the album Space Between , except for Yes . When Matthias Ebinger and Martin Scherrmann were unable to play the guitar, Tobias Lampert or Hannes Butzer came in.

In March 2008, like in 2005, Crushead took part in another Meet-Ya tour. Crushead were on tour for nine days with the bands D: Projekt and Verra Cruz , the German pop singer KAT and Andreas Boppart . In the same year the band released a "10 Years of Crushead DVD", which was filmed at Rock in the Ruins in the Forchtenberg ruins .

On September 6, 2008, Crushead gave his farewell concert at the Jump Rock Festival in Metzingen .

In 2012, Crushead appeared again for the first time at the Jumprock Festival in Metzingen. In 2014 Crushead made a guest appearance at the 20th anniversary of the Balingen Rock Festival .


  • 1999: Tool ( EP )
  • 2001: Explicit Content
  • 2004: Can You Handle This?
  • 2006: Space Beetween
  • 2007: White Suit - The Unplugged Show (Live Album)
  • 2009: Live and Kickin ( DVD )

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