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Black and blue boletus (Cyanoboletus pulverulentus)

Black and blue boletus ( Cyanoboletus pulverulentus )

Subclass : Agaricomycetidae
Order : Boletales (Boletales)
Subordination : Boletineae
Family : Boletaceae (Boletaceae)
Pulveroboletus group
Genre : Cyanoboletus
Scientific name
Gelardi , Vizzini & Simonini

Cyanoboletus is a fungal genus of the family of Dickröhrlingsverwandten (Boletaceae).

The type species is the black-and- blue bolete ( Cyanoboletus pulverulentus ) .


Macroscopic features

The small to medium-sized fruit bodies are divided into a hat and stem and have a tubular layer. The hat has a felt to bare, dry to slightly sticky surface. The tube layer is bulged on the stem and has a yellow to olive-green color. The spore powder leaves an olive-brown imprint. The stem surface is smooth to frosted, striated across or occasionally moistened. The yellowish flesh ( trama ) often shows reddish tones in the stem base. On pressure or in the event of injury, it immediately turns dark indigo blue to blue-black. The taste is mild.

Microscopic features

The spores are smooth and elliptical to elliptical-spindle-shaped. The cystids have a cylindrical-spindle-shaped to inflated spindle-shaped or bottle-like shape. The hat cover layer ( Pileipellis ) is a trichoderm. The different bilateral hymenophoral trama and the lateral stalk layer correspond to the boletus type. The meat is inamyloid . Buckle connections on the partitions ( septa ) of the fungal threads ( hyphae ) are missing.


Cyanoboletus species form ectomycorrhiza with various deciduous and coniferous trees.


The genus Cyanoboletus comprises three species worldwide, one of which is found in Europe.

Cyanoboletus worldwide
German name Scientific name Author quote
Black and blue bolete Cyanoboletus pulverulentus (Opatowski 1836) Gelardi, Vizzini & Simonini 2014
Cyanoboletus rainisii (Bessette & OK Miller 2000) Gelardi, Vizzini & Simonini 2014
Cyanoboletus sinopulverulentus (Gelardi & Vizzini 2013) Gelardi, Vizzini & Simonini 2014

Origin of name

The word element cyano- "steel blue" comes from the Greek and is derived from the Latin word cyaneus "dark blue, cornflower blue" and refers to the deep ultramarine blue discoloration of the meat on contact with air.

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