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Děpold (also: Děpolt ; German: Prince Theobald I of Böhmen-Jamnitz ; † 1167 in Italy ) was a Bohemian prince from the Přemyslid family .


Prince Vladislav I left the lands around Jemnice to his youngest son . In 1145 Děpold allied itself with other landowners from Moravia and attacked the Olomouc bishop Heinrich Zdik . This brought him an excommunication from which he was released after a pilgrimage to Rome .

After his brother, the ruling Prince Vladislav II , went on a crusade to Palestine , Děpold became land administrator. He ruled with strict order and prevented Prince Soběslav from coming to power , whom he captured in 1148 near Zdice .

In 1153 Děpold married Gertrud, a daughter of Margrave Albrecht the Bear . His daughter Hedwig was married to Friedrich I. von Brehna (* around 1145), and sat on the counties of Brehna and Camburg .

After the wedding, he accompanied his brother on some campaigns. In 1158 he went with this to the siege of Milan to Italy to support the emperor Friedrich Barbarossa there. In the following years Děpold led other armies of Bohemian soldiers to Italy. During Barbarossa's fourth campaign in Italy, the dysentery broke out among the troops in the army camp in Rome , and Děpold was also infected and died.

His descendants, the princes of Děpold, formed a line of the Přemyslids, whose members were mostly resident in northern Bohemia.

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