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Zdice coat of arms
Zdice (Czech Republic)
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Basic data
State : Czech RepublicCzech Republic Czech Republic
Region : Středočeský kraj
District : Beroun
Area : 1380.3668 ha
Geographic location : 49 ° 55 '  N , 13 ° 59'  E Coordinates: 49 ° 54 '50 "  N , 13 ° 58' 33"  E
Height: 268  m nm
Residents : 4,179 (Jan 1, 2019)
Postal code : 267 51
License plate : S.
Street: D5 Beroun - Rokycany
Railway connection: Prague – Plzeň
Zdice – Protivín
Next international airport : Prague airport
Status: city
Districts: 3
Mayor : Bc. Antonín Sklenář (as of 2016)
Address: Husova 2
267 51 Zdice
Municipality number: 532011
Website : www.mesto-zdice.cz
Location of Zdice in the Beroun district

Zdice (German Zditz , also Zdic , older also Zitz ) is a city in the Czech Republic . It is located nine kilometers southwest of Beroun on the Červený potok and belongs to the Okres Beroun .


Zdice is located at the foot of the 368-meter-high Knihov in the common valley of the Červený potok and Litavka , which here forms the natural border between the Brdywald and the Pürglitzer forest . Above the city, the Stroupinský potok flows to the Červený potok, which joins the Litavka below the Knihov.

Along the Červený potok, the route of the D5 motorway runs along the southern edge of the town , the exit of which bears the name of the neighboring municipality Bavoryně . The highway separates the city from the U nádraží settlement between Červený potok and Litavka , where the train station and the industrial areas are also located. In Zdice the railways branch from Beroun to Rokycany or Příbram .

Neighboring towns are Král, Svatá and Černín in the north, Trubín , Levín , Počaply , Karlova Huť and Popovice in the northeast, Slavíky, Tmaň and Lounín in the east, Chodouň in the south, Stašov and Bavoryně in the southwest and Knížkovice and Hředle in the west.


Zdice was probably the area in 1039 as part of the settlement west of Prague under Břetislav I created. The first documentary evidence dates back to 1148 when Děpold took the rebel Soběslav II prisoner on a farm near Zdice . Zdice belonged to the diocese of Prague since the 13th century and was a customs post. At that time the church was probably built on.

Wenceslaus II wrested Zdice from the spiritual property and in 1302 incorporated the place into the estates of the royal city of Beroun . After the construction of the Karlštejn castle , Charles IV assigned Zdice to the Karlštejn rule in 1357. Later Zdice became the property of the Bohemian court chamber . On October 16, 1424, negotiators of the Bohemian Catholics from Žebrák and the Utraquists from Beroun met in today's town hall to negotiate an armistice, as a result of which the ceasefire was extended until another negotiation in Kouřim .

Emperor Sigismund finally assigned Zdice to the Točník rule . During this time, Zdice was elevated to market status and in 1607 Zdice became part of the Králův Dvůr Chamber of Commerce , to which it belonged until the patrimonial rule was abolished in 1848.

In 1806 the Theresia mine started operations, this iron ore mine was followed by others. In 1850 the Skally & Macháčka sugar factory was founded. In the second half of the 19th century, after the start of traffic on the Bohemian Western Railway in 1862, industrial companies settled. After the inauguration of the first section of the Rakonitz – Protivín Railway , Zdice became the most important railway junction in Western Bohemia. On May 6, 1872, Zdice was elevated to a market town.

On November 17, 1939, the Wehrmacht courier Josef Altmeyer was assassinated in Zditz. Martial law was imposed on the area and, during the investigation, all 800 male residents between the ages of 16 and 60 were interned for three days, and every tenth person threatened with shooting. After Josef Pilát from Hředle found the culprit, the action was ended.

In 1965 mining in Zdice was stopped. Zdice has been a town since July 1st, 1994.

Local division

The town of Zdice consists of the districts Černín ( Tschernin ), Knížkovice ( Knischkowitz ) and Zdice ( Zditz ). The municipality is divided into the cadastral districts of Černín u Zdic, Knížkovice and Zdice. Basic settlement units are Černín, Knížkovice, Zdice and Zdice-u nádraží.


  • Baroque Church of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary, the originally Gothic church of Alba Ecclesia from the 13th century was given its present form in the years 1747 to 1749
  • The town hall, which originally served as a breakout and was Gothic until 1735, dates from the Middle Ages and has a medieval barrel vaulted cellar. It received its classical facade in the second half of the 18th century. It served as a post office until 1810 and was then an inn until it was used as the town hall in 1951.


sons and daughters of the town

Lived and worked in Zdice

  • Josef Vorel (1801–1874), the father and composer, was chaplain from 1835 and pastor from 1846 in Zdice, where he worked until his death.
  • Josef Poncar (1902–1986), folk music composer and conductor
  • Vladimír Kadlec (1912–1998), the pedagogue, rector and publicist grew up in Zdice, where his father worked as a train driver


  • Pavel Dušánek: Zdický incident 1939 , Zdice 2007

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