Postcode (Czech Republic and Slovakia)

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The postal code (Czech poštovní směrovací číslo , Slovak poštové smerovacie číslo , abbreviation PSČ ) of the Czech Post ( Česká pošta ) and the Slovak Post ( Slovenská pošta ) consists of five digits in the form xxx yy .

The system was introduced in Czechoslovakia in 1973 and is still valid in the two successor states of the Czech Republic and Slovakia . A possible change is being discussed in Slovakia. In general, the first digit represents the post office zone, the second digit the main traffic axis, the third digit the district of the traffic, and the last two digits information about the delivery.


Czech Republic

Postcode areas in the Czech Republic after the first two digits


Postcode areas in Slovakia after the first two digits

8 Bratislava
9 West Slovakia , South Central Slovakia
0 North Central Slovakia, East Slovakia


The first digit roughly corresponds to the old district division of Czechoslovakia from 1960.

Postcodes at introduction (whole Czechoslovakia)

1 Hlavní město Praha
2 Středočeský kraj
3 Jihočeský kraj and Západočeský kraj
4 Severočeský kraj
5 kraj Východočeský and part of the Moravian Region
6 Moravian Region
7 Severomoravský kraj
8 Bratislava and around, Slovakia
9 kraj Západoslovenský and Stredoslovenský kraj (western part), Slovakia
0 Stredoslovenský kraj (eastern part) and Východoslovenský kraj, Slovakia

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