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Olomoucký kraj
Olomouc region
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Basic data
Historic country : Moravia , Silesia
Administrative headquarters: Olomouc
Biggest town: Olomouc
ISO 3166-2 : CZ-71
Residents : 632,492 (January 1, 2019)
Population density : 121.4 inhabitants / km²
Vehicle registration number : M.
Area : 5,267 km²
Expansion: North-South: up to 123 km
West-East: 27 - 84 km
The highest point: 1.491  nm
Deepest point: 190  m nm
Administrative division
Districts : 5
Municipalities : 397

The Olomoucký kraj ( German  Olomouc Region ) is one of the 14 regions of the Czech Republic . The region is located in the north of Moravia and also includes the extreme west of the historical landscape of Czech Silesia . The administrative seat is in Olomouc ( Olomouc ). In the north, the region borders on Poland for 104 km , and internally on the districts of Moravian-Silesia , Zlín , South Moravia and Pardubice . The area is 5,267 km² and has a share of 6.7% of the total area of ​​the Czech Republic (2005). Around 633,925 inhabitants (2017) live in 397 municipalities, including 26 cities, of which 57.5% are in cities (2005).

Administrative division


After the regions, the municipalities form the third administrative level in the Czech Republic . In the region there are 13 municipalities with an extended sphere of activity (Czech obec s rozšířenou působností ) and 20 municipalities with an authorized municipal office (Czech obec s pověřeným obecním úřadem ). The total number of parishes is 398.



The districts ( okres ) do not form an organizational unit of the region and have no longer had an administrative function since January 1, 2003. However, some areas of state administration retained the district structure (e.g. courts, police). The districts also define the area of ​​the regions.

district Seat
Okres Jeseník Jeseník
Okres Olomouc Olomouc
Okres Prostějov Prostějov
Okres Přerov Přerov
Okres Šumperk Šumperk

Statistical key figures

Statistical key figures 2002
district Area in km² Residents 1) Average age 1) Communities
Okres Jeseník 719 38,957 43.1 24
Okres Olomouc 1,451 233.992 41.9 92
Okres Prostějov 770 108,757 42.5 96
Okres Přerov 884 130.931 42.8 104
Okres Šumperk 1,316 121,288 42.6 78

1) on January 1, 2017


Composition of the organs of the region:

organ Terms of office
2000-2004 2004-2008 2008–2012 2012-2016 2016-2020
Parliament of the region
( Zastupitelstvo Olomouckého kraje )
55 members
Čtyřkoalice 15
ODS 12
Nezávislí 5
ODS 21
ODS 13
Koalice pro Olomoucký kraj společně se starosty (Regional Voters' Association) 8
TOP 09 a Starostové pro Olomoucký kraj 4
ANO 16
Koalice pro Olomoucký kraj společně se starosty 7
Regional Council
( Rada Olomouckého kraje )
11 members
Čtyřkoalice 5
Nezávislí 2
Nezávislí (Independent) 4
( Hejtman Olomouckého kraje )
Jan Březina
Ivan Kosatík
Martin Tesařík
Jiří Rozbořil
Ladislav Okleštěk


The emissions are below the national average and, especially in the mountains, the purity of the air is very high and the pollution of the waters is very low.


Since 1994 the population has steadily decreased. The high mortality, low birth rate and negative net migration contributed to this. The population density is 123.4 inhabitants / km² and is around six inhabitants lower than the national average. As in the rest of the country, the number of marriages is falling and the number of divorces is increasing.

labour market

287,000 residents are mostly employed in industry with extended services. Unemployment as of March 31, 2017 was 5.52%. Previously, the average gross monthly wage was 13,373 kroner, in some regions only 11,910 kroner (national average 16,917 kroner) and was thus the lowest in the Czech Republic. The region had the highest proportion of households with an income below the subsistence level (6% of households).

Education and Healthcare

Ten hospitals, 11 specialist institutions and 2,355 doctors take care of the sick in the region. The University Hospital of the Palacký University in Olomouc offers nursing at the highest level. There are also spa facilities, especially in Jeseník , Velké Losiny , Teplice nad Bečvou , Slatinice and Skalka u Prostějova . Education is provided by 352 kindergartens, 280 primary schools, 20 grammar schools, 46 technical high schools, 37 vocational schools, 7 post-secondary schools and 3 universities. The educational center is the second oldest university in the Czech Republic, the Palacký University in Olomouc with eight faculties and around 21,000 students.


Olomoucký kraj is one of the industrial regions with extended services. After the expulsion of the German-Moravian population as a result of the Second World War in 1945 and the neglect during the communist period until 1989, the areas of Jeseník and Šumperk belong to the structurally weaker areas . The district only accounts for 4.8% of the gross domestic product ; converted to one resident, the share is 77.3% of the overall average, the worst value in the Czech Republic. The middle and south of the region belong to the fertile soil regions where oats , grain and sugar beet are grown. The 9,961 employees in agriculture receive the lowest salaries on average, at 11,232 crowns . Due to agriculture, the food industry traditionally plays an important role. This is followed by the textile and clothing industry, mechanical engineering and the optical industry. 147 industrial companies with more than 100 employees employ a total of 51,770 people with an average wage of 13,759 crowns. The turnover reaches 65 billion crowns. 115 construction companies with more than 20 employees each have 8,800 employees (an average of 15,454 kroner), with a turnover of 11.5 billion kroner. A total of 123 companies are registered, around three quarters of which are so-called small businesses.

Transport infrastructure

744 km of rail network and 3,461 km of roads, 12% of which are first class roads, connect the towns with one another. The capital Olomouc is directly connected to the D1 motorway from Prague to Brno by the four-lane R46 expressway . The northern parts of Olomoucký kraj are connected by the four-lane expressway R35. The extension and further development of the four-lane expressways are planned. Olomouc and Přerov ( Prerau ) are important rail junctions . There is a small international airport near Olomouc.


The north consists of the Jeseníky Mountains with the highest point in the region, Mount Praděd (1,492 m above sea level). The south is determined by the Haná plain, through which the March flows, and in which the lowest point at Kojetín is located at 190 m above sea level. The Jeseníky nature reserve with the largest moorland in Moravia, Rejvíz in Zlaté Hory , the 45 meter high waterfall and the dam is very popular. Also worth seeing are the forests in the Litovelské Pomoraví nature reserve with many rare species of flora and fauna. There are also some caves in the Javoříčko , Mladeč and Zbrašov area . 728 accommodation areas (the lowest in the Czech Republic) are mostly located in the tourist regions of the Okres Jeseník and Šumperk.

The cultural assets include:

For athletes there are 1500 km of cycle paths in the region that connect to the international cycle route Jantarová cesta (Amber Road ), which connects Vienna , Brno , Ostrava and Kraków , as well as to the Moravian cycle route ( Bratislava , Uherské Hradiště , Jeseník and Wroclaw ). Water sports enthusiasts can practice at the dam in Plumlov . There are tennis courts in Prostějov and Přerov. There are also ski runs and ski hiking trails, especially in the areas of Červenohorské sedlo, Petříkov , Ostružná , Ramzová . Folklore festivals are held in Náměšť na Hané .

Biggest cities

city Residents
(January 1, 2017)
Olomouc 100,378
Prostějov 43,975
Přerov 43,791
Šumperk 26,305
Hranice 18,352
Zábřeh 13,645
Šternberk 13,476
Uničov 11,479
Jeseník 11,396
Litovel 9,901
Mohelnice 9,232
Lipník nad Bečvou 8,123
Kojetín 6,169

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