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Uničov coat of arms
Uničov (Czech Republic)
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Basic data
State : Czech RepublicCzech Republic Czech Republic
Region : Olomoucký kraj
District : Olomouc
Area : 4827 ha
Geographic location : 49 ° 46 '  N , 17 ° 7'  E Coordinates: 49 ° 46 '15 "  N , 17 ° 7' 17"  E
Height: 248  m nm
Residents : 11,396 (Jan 1, 2019)
Postal code : 783 81-783 91
License plate : M.
Railway connection: Šternberk – Lichkov
Status: city
Districts: 9
Mayor : Radek Vincour (as of 2016)
Address: Masarykovo nám. 1
783 91 Uničov 1
Municipality number: 505587
Website : www.unicov.cz

Uničov (German Mährisch Neustadt ) is a town with almost 11,500 inhabitants in the Czech administrative district of Okres Olomouc .

Geographical location

The city is located in the historic Moravia region , 22 km northwest of Olomouc ( Olomouc ) on the Oskava , into which the Oslava flows one kilometer above the city , and is 248 m above sea level.


Main square with Marian column
The town hall

Uničov originated in the early 13th century. It is the oldest community in Moravia that has been granted city rights. Mährisch-Neustadt was granted Magdeburg law in 1223 after ten years of systematic development . As a royal city, it was directly subordinate to the Bohemian king.

After the Tartar storm of 1241, the bishop of Olomouc, Bruno von Schauenburg, as a confidante of the Bohemian King Wenceslaus I, settled large parts of northern Moravia with builders and craftsmen from his northern German homeland, including Mährisch-Neustadt and its surroundings. At that time, German villages were founded here. After the Czech reformer Jan Hus was burned as a heretic in 1415 and his indignant, mostly Czech supporters revolted against King Wenceslas II and the Catholic Church, a bloody civil war broke out. So finally a Hussite army stood in front of the royal city on the day before the Assumption in 1424 and set fire to the suburb. The citizens of the city pleaded for divine help. A young woman named Cordula is said to have vowed that every year she would pull a wax stick the length of the city wall if the city were only saved. When the city was actually spared, believing city dwellers interpreted this as the fulfillment of their request and passed the legend of the vow of the Cordula from generation to generation. Respected bourgeois women, the wax stick women, took on the task of drawing wax sticks.

From 1938 to 1945 Mährisch Neustadt belonged to the district of Sternberg in the Reichsgau Sudetenland , district of Opava , of the German Empire .

From 1941 the wax stick drawing festival was no longer celebrated. Until 1944 it was forbidden by the National Socialist city tour for traffic safety reasons, in 1945 the Red Army took care of it and from 1946 the expulsion of the Germans from Uničov. Since these were primarily settled in Central Hesse, they now celebrated the feast on the Sunday after the Assumption in Limburg in the St. Mary's Church of the Pallottines . There will be an after-party on the following Sunday in Naumburg . In 1956, the city of Limburg sponsored the Germans from Moravia and Neustadt who had been expelled from their homeland. The wax stick festival has also been celebrated by the Catholic community in Uničov since the 2000s.

In 1948 a machine factory was built in Uničov.


Population development until 1945
year Residents Remarks
1658 0963 eight years after the Swedes left
1834 3,787 All but five Evangelicals are Catholics, mostly German-speaking residents
1900 5,090 mostly German residents
1930 4,738
1939 4,442

City structure

Uničov consists of the districts of Benkov ( Pinke ), Brníčko ( Pirnik ), Dětřichov ( Dittersdorf ), Dolní Sukolom ( Salbnut ), Horní Sukolom ( Aichen ), Nová Dědina ( Schröffelsdorf ), Renoty ( Einoth ), Střelice ( Strelitz ) and Uničov ( Strelitz ) Mährisch Neustadt ), which also form cadastral districts.

  • Benkov is west of the city. There are two mountains between Benkov and Uničov, the Šibeník (Gallows Hill) and the Benkovský Kopec (Benkov Mountain). There are municipal waterworks on both.
  • Brníčko is located east of the city on the left bank of the Oskava. The UNEX as plant is located in the outskirts of the village. In the past, this plant produced cranes, excavators and other large machines. Through Brníčko on road No. 444 leads from Uničov to Šternberk. There is also a train stop there.
  • Dětřichov is located south of the city on the right bank of the Oskava and above the confluence of the Lukavice . There is a private airport for small aircraft nearby.
  • Dolní Sukolom is located northeast of the city on the left bank of the Oskava. The Uničov open-air swimming pool is nearby.
  • Horní Sukolom is located north of Dolní Sukolom on the left bank of the Oslava.
  • Nová Dědina is located north of the city on the right bank of Oskava. A new chemical plant was built here in the 1980s. This plant used to produce medicines for animals and is now making animal feed.
  • Renoty is located south of the city and west of Dětřichov.
  • Střelice is also south of the city. Road 449, which connects the towns of Litovel and Uničov, passes through Střelice.

Basic settlement units are Benkov, Brníčko, Brníčko-západ, Dětřichov, Dolní Sukolom, Dukelská, Horní Sukolom, Na zastávce, Nová Dědina, Pod Šibeníkem, Poděbradova, Průmysloví, Uemocnice, Uemocelice, Uemoceladice, Stromořadice, Stromořadice, Stromořadice parku, U Střelic, U trati, Uničov-střed and Za drůbežárnou.


The Medel Gate, on the right in the background the parish church
Town houses on the main square, behind which the monastery can be seen
Eagle fountain
  • City fortifications with bastions
  • Medel Gate
  • Marian column
  • Parish Church of the Assumption
  • Minorite monastery with the Exaltation of the Cross
  • town hall
  • Municipal prison, now a museum
  • Eagle and Neptune Fountain
  • Joseph II statue

Twin cities


sons and daughters of the town

Worked in place

  • Jan Březina , a Czech politician, was mayor from 1995 to 1997


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Web links

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