Delusion 3D

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Original title Delusion 3D
Country of production Germany
original language German
Publishing year 2008
length 30 minutes
Director Christina Kinne
script Christina Kinne
production Jérôme Hamacher / Alaric Hamacher
music Georg Kolb
camera Andy Kaiser
cut Stine Munch

Delusion 3D is a 30-minute short film that was made in 2008 as the first German digital 3D feature film production in 3D D-Cinema format.

The film was produced by the Munich company Virtual Experience , which specializes in the production of 3D films. The same company has already produced the short 3D film Cyberheidi 3D .

The film was filmed with a 3D stereo camera with a beam splitter and provided with surround sound , which underlines the spatial experience. The premiere of the film took place on March 28, 2008 in the former IMAX cinema in Munich in the New Forum at the Deutsches Museum .

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On September 11th, 2008 Delusion 3D started as the first German 3D production according to D-Cinema standard in cinemas with 6 copies. The 3D cult film Cyberheidi 3D was shown as a supporting film in the program . Virtual Experience, the producer of both films, was able to offer 45 minutes of 3D enjoyment with humor and excitement.


The secret agent James is facing his most important task: he will get married in a few days, but shortly before that he has one last mission to carry out. In order to obtain a mysterious amulet for his clients, James has to go to Lady A.'s seedy establishment. Little does the secret agent suspect that he is already expected here and that he has misjudged the situation. Seductive beauties try to incapacitate him with drugs. From the hunter to the hunted himself. James has to endure some tough tests in Lady A.'s erotic club. When he thinks he has achieved the goal of his mission, James realizes that he was wrong again.


The location for this 3D short film was the KittyCatClub in Munich.

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