The eccentric

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Original title The eccentric
Country of production Germany
original language German
Publishing year 1929
length 88 minutes
Director Walter Jerven
script Walter Jerven
production Walter Jerven
Franz Osten (Union-Film-Co. MbH)
music Trauter (cinema music)
camera Hans Karl Gottschalk

Der Sonderling is a German feature film by Walter Jerven from 1929 .

The main roles in this silent film are played by Karl Valentin as a tailor Karl Valentin and Liesl Karlstadt as Paula Kuhn, the wife of his boss. The eccentric was the first full-length feature film by Karl Valentin, who was then already known as a stage comedian.


The eccentric Karl Valentin works as a journeyman for master tailor Kuhn. He suffers from the fact that his master's wife chases after him. She secretly sticks his longed-for favorite piece into the album of the passionate stamp collector. Valentine is mistakenly arrested as a thief because the sum of money required to buy something has been stolen from a customer. This severely disturbs his mental balance. Although he is released, he wants to commit suicide. He makes several suicide attempts, all of which fail for technical reasons. He sits down with a chair on a table to poison himself with the gas from the gas lamp. But the gas was turned off. The rope is too short to hang. However, he refuses a motorcycle ride with the lovable master: "I'm not tired of life!"


The film was made by Walter Jerven and Franz Osten at Union-Film-Co. mbH (Munich) produced under the production management of Franz Osten. The buildings are by Peter Rochelsberg . The shooting took place in the Atelier Geiselgasteig Munich . The film premiered on December 28, 1929 at the Gloria-Palast in Munich with an introduction by Johannes Eckardt.


On February 26, 1930, the film received the film rating "artistic" from the Munich photography office . Wilhelm Kristl wrote in the Munich Post : “Walter Jerven and cameraman Gottschalk created a film that is sure to be successful. A plot full of surprises and hilarious situations. Well played and well photographed. ”Paul Marcus writes in the Neue Berliner Zeitung:“ It was not without good reason that this first new Karl Valentin film was not premiered in Berlin; it is really not suitable for a premiere. (...) (Jerven) stopped completely at the beginning of the film. He can't get anything out of this long-nosed, long-lived guy. "

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