German Society for Cartography

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German Society for Cartography V.
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purpose Professional society
President: Jochen Schiewe
Establishment date: July 9, 1950 in Bielefeld
Number of members: around 1600
Seat : Hanover

The German Society for Cartography e. V. (DGfK) is a professional association for cartography professionals and those interested in cartographic products. It currently has around 1,600 members. Jochen Schiewe has been President of the DGfK since 2019.


The purpose of the association includes the following goals:

  • Promotion of cartography in research, teaching and practice
  • Support for all those involved in cartographic professions through basic, advanced and advanced training, especially for young professionals
  • Maintenance of national and international cooperation in cartography and with other specialist areas
  • Promotion of specialist knowledge for space-relevant planning and measures
  • Support for the maintenance of cartographic cultural assets in Germany


The elected board of directors conducts the company's business under the chairmanship of the president. With the board of directors, the company has an advisory body that brings technical and structural aspects into the association's work.

The DGfK is regionally divided into 16 sections, which offer their members and guests events, lectures, excursions etc. in the respective region.

The association has set up commissions for technical work. They are each dedicated to a topic and their structure partly corresponds to the commissions of the International Cartographic Association (IKV, ICA) with which there is intensive cooperation. At the moment (2011) there are the following commissions:

  • 3D city models
  • Applied cartography and geo-visualization
  • Atlas cartography
  • Initial and continuing education
  • History of cartography
  • High mountain cartography
  • Card curators
  • Cartography and research
  • Law and cartography
  • School and cartography

Sections of the DGfK

  • Bavaria
  • Berlin-Brandenburg
  • Dresden
  • Halle-Leipzig
  • Hamburg / Schleswig-Holstein
  • Hanover
  • Hesse
  • Karlsruhe
  • Middle Rhine
  • Muenster
  • Rhine-Ruhr
  • Schwerin
  • Stuttgart
  • South Baden
  • Thuringia
  • Weser-Ems


The Kartographische Nachrichten (KN) - specialist journal for geographic information and visualization - is published as a joint organ of the DGfK, the Swiss Society for Cartography and the Austrian Cartographic Commission in the Austrian Geographical Society . Every two to three years the cartographic paperback (KT) , which has around 350 pages, is published with basic technical articles, addresses of organizations, research institutions, companies and the like. v. m. all about cartography and geographic information. The Kartographische Schriften (KS) are dedicated to the main topics of cartography, special events and the scientific documentation of symposia and workshops .

Cartographic paperback

Since 1988, the DGfK has published a 300-page vademecum about every two years under the name Kartographisches Taschenbuch . In each volume it contains basic essays, the addresses of committees and organizations, authorities and universities, as well as training institutions and companies that are related to geoinformation and cartography. It is concluded with a directory of persons, which lists more than 2000 persons with their addresses.

The cartographic paperback has meanwhile been edited by Jürgen Dodt and is published by Kirschbaum Verlag, Bonn. ISSN  0936-5745 .

Awards by the DGfK

By awarding the Mercator Medal named after Gerhard Mercator , the DGfK honors personalities who have made outstanding contributions to cartography through outstanding, internationally recognized scientific achievements.


The German Cartographers' Day (DKT) takes place every year. This is mostly aligned and organized by one of the sections. In certain years, however, it can also happen that the Cartographers' Day takes place in cooperation with Intergeo or the International Cartographic Conference .


The Remarkable Card is an initiative of the DGfK that has existed since 2012. In a monthly blog she reports on cartographic works that she believes are remarkable.

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