German Paramotor Association

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German Motor Paraglider Association V. (DMSV)
sport Air sports
Founded 2006
Association headquarters Nuremberg
Official languages) German
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The German Motor Umbrella Association e. V. (DMSV) - German Paramotoring Association (GPMA) (professional association of paramotor pilots and motorized hang glider pilots in the Federal Republic of Germany) ( Nuremberg District Court , register of associations no. 200279), DMSV for short , was founded in 2006 a. a. Established as an express opponent of the German Ultralight Flight Association (DULV) and its "approval practice" and award of the seal of approval as well as in criticism of its allegedly insufficient commitment to the so-called airfield compulsory for paramotor wings. It existed until September 19, 2017.

His goal of "carrying out and / or participating in the type test of aviation equipment not subject to approval in accordance with § 10a LuftGerPV " and - related to this - the overturning of the corresponding monopoly of the DULV, which existed to date, was achieved a little more than 1 year after the establishment of the Luftfahrt-Bundesamt - Recognition of the "DMSV-Musterprüfstelle" on June 8, 2007. As a result, there was also an intensification of the process of changing the airworthiness requirements for hanggliders and paragliders: The established associations of the German Hangglider Association (DHV) and DULV , with their also LBA-recognized Sample inspection bodies could no longer close themselves off from September 2007 at the latest than the LBA for event. Changes to the LTF published in NfL 35/03 officially demanded a vote of the legitimate interest representatives. Corresponding discussions resulted from DHV, DMSV, EAPR and PMA at the round table (- the DULV did not participate), in which the technical basis for many changes in the following years in the paragliding and paramotoring area was ultimately laid.

As a side effect, disputes between the LBA-recognized sample test centers and the new Paraglider Manufacturers Association (PMA) intensified . The front ran between the established associations with their sample testing centers, the German Hang Glider Association (DHV) and DULV (both at the same time "agents" according to the regulation for the commissioning of air sports associations ) on the one hand as well as DMSV, European Academy of Parachute Rigging (EAPR) and PMA on the other hand. The DMSV-Musterprüfstelle, the only one that worked on a non-commercial basis, then, after almost 2.5 years and u. a. "Approval" of the world's first motorized umbrellas with electric drive, on December 31, 2009, the LBA approval, which had been limited until then, expired without an application for an extension, stopped active work and broke away from the DMSV.

After the new election of the DMSV board on March 27, 2010, the activities of the association itself almost completely ceased. On September 19, 2017, it was officially deleted by the Nuremberg Register Court.

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