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Interpretation refers to the process of recognizing or constructing a meaning . It is irrelevant whether it is an actual or an alleged cognitive process.

Examples: Interpretation of a linguistic, phonetic , facial or gestural message, writing or other symbols and factors (e.g. in the weather forecast ).

The term interpretation is also used in the following contexts:

  1. Interpretation of an object to predict the future or character of a person: divination , oracle , tarot , physiognomics (interpretation of the face), chiromancy (interpretation of the hand), metoposcopy (interpretation of the forehead), hieroscopy
  2. Explanation of the context of an event in a religious or philosophical sense - see teleology
  3. In psychotherapy and here v. a. in the psychoanalysis brightening of the latent meaning of an unconscious material, thus also exposing the latent meaning of resistors , transfer reactions , mistakes , dreams , and generally, the words and behavior of the analysandum during the analytic treatment
  4. Understanding explanation of a work of art or text - see interpretation or text interpretation
  5. Perceptual pattern in the sociology of knowledge - see patterns of interpretation
  6. In psychological diagnostics as the principle of interpreting projective tests
  7. Interpretation in the sense of understanding also outside of the philological-historical sciences, see Zf. B. Understanding psychology , hermeneutics i. w. S., semantics , meaning (semantics) , purpose , teleology or meaning of life

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