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A sound is generally a noise or a sound produced by the human or animal voice. The generation and perception of human sounds is the subject of phonetics , in the animal kingdom of bioacoustics .

Speech sounds

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In general linguistics , a sound in the narrower sense is a defined sound wave produced with the flow of the breath when the speech tools are in a certain position .

Dynamic, visualized articulation with a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI); in sagittal incision . The phonation stream is not shown here.

A speech sound or phon is understood as the smallest phonetic unit of the spoken language . The written representation is possible through phonetic transcription . The International Phonetic Alphabet is the standard for this .

In principle, an immense number of sounds can be produced with the human organs of articulation; but each individual language is limited to a certain inventory of sounds. The linguistic sounds present in the languages ​​of the world are combined into different sound groups with regard to their articulation . The following table contrasts the general terms used in the Duden, for example, with an equivalent foreign word:

general term Foreign word
Engelaut Fricative
Flowing Liquids
Palate Guttural
Soft palate loud Velar
Back palate Velar
Larynx Glottal
Lip palate Labiovelar
Lip sound Bilabial
Lip tooth sound Labiodental
consonant consonant
Nose sound nasal
Throat sound Pharyngeal
Fricative Fricative
click Click
Vibrating noise Vibrant
Side noise Lateral
Self-loud vocal
Glottal sound Glottal
Plosive sound Plosive
Closure friction sound Affricates
Frontal palate Palatal
Tooth dam loud Alveolar
Tooth sound Dental
Suppository sound Uvular
Trembling sound Vibrant
Hissing sound Sibilant
Tongue sound Lingual
Back of tongue sound Dorsal

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