The magic harp

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Die Zauberharfe ( D 644) is a melodrama in three acts by the composer Franz Schubert based on a text by Georg von Hofmann . The play was premiered on August 19, 1820 in the Theater an der Wien .

The text of the mostly spoken knight's play or magic game is lost, so the work can no longer be performed on the stage. The overture of the magic harp is still part of the concert repertoire today, but for a long time it was incorrectly referred to as the overture to the romantic play Rosamunde , which Schubert also provided with stage music . Schubert wrote seven choirs and one entracte music for the piece, as well as six larger melodramas . The music is seldom performed in concert, mostly without the melodramas, between which only keywords from the lost text are noted.

Mathias Spohr tried to make the melodramas performable by adding newly composed parts (Zurich Symphony Orchestra 1992).

One of the singers at the premiere was the tenor and painter Ferdinand Schimon .


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