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Ironer in the Bierbaum-Proenen textile factory : Example of a service provider in a manufacturing company

A service provider is a business entity that provides one or more services .

Mixed forms of producers and service providers

Business entities that produce material goods (so-called producers ) as well as (e.g. product-related ) services can be regarded as service providers to the extent that their added value consists of the provision of services.

Facets of the term service provider in the process model

In the process model of a service, a service provider means the following actors :

  • in the initiation phase: the provider of the service (as opposed to the customer),
  • in the agreement phase: the supplier of the service (as opposed to their customer),
  • in the service phase: the personal provider of the service (as opposed to its consumer) or
  • in the consideration phase: the recipient of the consideration agreed for the service (as opposed to its provider).

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