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The social being (synonym and short term the social ) is the place of social work and its object, social practice, within a social state system . Social affairs are tied to the respective political social system . It is one of the pillars of a social market economy . Social affairs is one of the basic tasks of a state . It is scientifically supervised by the disciplines of social education , social management , health care and areas of police science . Social pedagogues and social workers, as they are called regionally, work and research in the social sector. But social work is to be distinguished from its scientific discipline social work or social work science .

Structure of the social system

Organizational tasks of social services are welfare (e.g. social , elderly and youth welfare ) and provision (civil servants 'and soldiers' provisions and social insurance ). The organizational structure is divided into public administration (e.g. municipal offices such as social welfare or health authorities ) and organizations (e.g. health insurance companies , independent organizations, private organizations). Benefits are provided in cash, in service or in kind . Structurally, there is a bureaucratic , hierarchical structure and a team structure . This is categorized according to the division of labor , coordination and type of management ( leadership styles , delegation ) and the respective competence structure .

Bearer of social services

A distinction is made between public sponsors (federal, state and local governments) and independent sponsors (sponsors of voluntary welfare ). In addition, private providers are increasingly appearing in the field of social services. A public agency in Bavaria is, for example, the district youth council of a district. The independent sponsors go from the Red Cross Youth to Diakonie or Caritas to a hospice association . There are facilities of care associations , SOS Children's Villages or the Lebenshilfe . Private sponsors are free sponsors who are not geared towards non-profit but rather commercial profit .

Social affairs of the Federal Republic of Germany

From a legal point of view, the social is a constitutional state objective of the Federal Republic of Germany : It is a “ social federal state ” (Art. 20, Paragraph 1). As a result, every person in Germany (not just every German citizen) has a basic right to the state taking care of them in extreme need. Legislative for the social system is the social legislation , alongside for example the SGB ​​of the Federal Republic of Germany. In addition, due to its federal structure, the principle of subsidiarity appliesto independent charities in Germany. The social affairs are administered and controlled by social welfare offices, which are subordinate to the ministries for social affairs of the states and the federal government. In many areas of social affairs, unless they are sovereign areas, these are supported by free (mostly church, charitable organizations) or private (commercial) agencies.

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