Dieter Richter (geologist)

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Dieter Richter (born March 19, 1930 in Bonn , † April 4, 1997 in South Africa ) was a German geologist.

Richter is the son of the geologist Max Richter . He went to school in Bonn and Clausthal-Zellerfeld, where he graduated from high school in 1948. Richter became interested in geology at an early age and still worked in mines as a student. He studied geology and other natural sciences in Marburg and at the Free University of Berlin , where he received his diploma and doctorate in 1954 (on the geology of the Allgäu Alps south of Hindelang , where he also mapped). He then worked as an assistant to Franz Lotze in Münster (during this time he went on excursions to Spain, Greece, North Africa and Scandinavia) and completed his habilitation in 1960 in Frankfurt am Main on the geology of the western Fichtel Mountains . From 1958 to 1961 he was a research assistant at RWTH Aachen University and, with the support of the German Research Foundation, examined the flysch sediments in the western Pyrenees until 1963. 1964/65 he was visiting professor at the University of Exeter and from 1967 an adjunct professor at the University of Frankfurt am Main. In 1972 he became a professor at the Aachen University of Applied Sciences , where he stayed until his retirement in 1995. He died in a traffic accident in South Africa.

Most recently he dealt mainly with the Rhenish Slate Mountains and the flysch of the Hellenids of Greece. He also dealt with engineering geology, about which he wrote a textbook and in the context of which he created, for example, a site map of Aachen.

In 1961 he received the Hermann Credner Prize of the German Geological Society .


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