Dieter Zimmerle

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Dieter Zimmerle (born August 15, 1916 in Ulm , † 1989 ) was a German jazz journalist and journalist.

Zimmerle founded the "Jazz Club Münster" in 1935 and studied architecture at the Technical University of Stuttgart from 1936. From 1946 to 1947 he worked on the jazz broadcasts of the Bavarian radio. From 1947 he was a jazz editor and presenter at SDR and in 1952 he was the founder and editor of the magazine " Jazz Podium ", which he directed until his death. From 1951 to 1955 he was the first president of the German Jazz Federation , which he co-initiated as the founder of the Stuttgart jazz club “Der Schlüssel”, which he directed from 1947 to 1956. In the 1950s he gave numerous lectures on jazz in schools, America houses and the like. a. - From 1951 to 1954 he determined the program at the America House in Stuttgart. With Wolfram Röhrigand the head of the SDR big band Erwin Lehn , he launched the series Treffpunkt Jazz in 1955 , in which many internationally known jazz greats appeared. In 1969 he founded the "Radio Jazz Group" Stuttgart with Wolfgang Dauner . Since 1962 he was a jazz critic for the Stuttgarter Nachrichten.