Dioecesis Orientis

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The dioceses from about 293 to before 337.
The dioceses around AD 400 ( late antiquity )

The Dioecesis Orientis (German: Diocese of the East , Greek: Ἑῴα Διοίκησις Heoa Dioíkesis ) was a late antique administrative unit ( Dioecesis ) of the Roman or Eastern Roman Empire . It existed from 314 to 636 after Christ.

Territory structure

The Dioecesis Orientis comprised the following 17 provinces:


The Roman Empire was initially divided into 46 provinces , which Diocletian essentially increased to 101 provinces by dividing around 300 AD, which in turn were combined into dioceses. The head of the dioceses (and provinces) was the vicarius , deputy of the civil officer who emerged from the military praetorian prefect after 312 . Already with the division of the empire in 395 , the structure of the dioceses was changed into four prefectures, 15 dioceses and 119 provinces. The Dioecesis Orientis was outsourced to the Dioecesis Aegypti . The late antique diocesan structure was only abandoned in favor of the thematic constitution in view of the Islamic expansion (from 630) .

List of known comites Orientis