Dreadnought class

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Dreadnought- class p1
Ship data
country United KingdomUnited Kingdom (Naval War Flag) United Kingdom
Ship type Nuclear submarine
Shipyard BAE Systems Maritime - Submarines , Barrow-in-Furness
Units built 4 planned
Ship dimensions and crew
153.6 m ( Lüa )
displacement 17,200 ts
crew 130 men and women
Machine system
machine Pressurized water reactor
From 2028

The Dreadnought- class is an under development class of nuclear submarines for the Royal Navy . They are used for nuclear deterrence . As a submarine with ballistic missiles (SSBN), they are equipped with modern ICBMs . They are to replace or supplement the submarines of the Vanguard class from 2028 .


The project start for the first studies on the second dreadnought class of the Royal Navy began in May 2011. On July 18, 2016, Parliament approved the development and construction of the four-boat class. The first steel cuts were made a few months later on October 5th of that year.


The compartment with the nuclear missile silos is identical to the Columbia class of the United States Navy , the so-called Common Missile Compartment (CMC). However, the compartment on the British boats only contains eight missile silos compared to 16 on the approximately 17 m longer Columbia , so that a boat can carry a total of 40 nuclear warheads.

The United Kingdom's Department of Defense and the manufacturer Rolls-Royce are also working with the Americans on the ds Typa PWR-3 pressurized water reactor .

The construction takes place in 16 sections, which are first connected to three so-called "mega-units" before these three are joined together to form a complete hull.


Identifier Surname Shipyard Keel laying Launch In service Whereabouts
HMS Dreadnought BAE October 6, 2016 under construction
HMS Valiant BAE planned
HMS Warspite BAE planned
HMS King George VI BAE planned

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