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The EUnet was 1982 , and it began from the European Unix Systems User Group produced (EUUG).

EUnet in Germany

The German part of EUnet was one of the first German Internet provider projects, carried out at the University of Dortmund . A few years after it was founded as a GmbH, EUnet was merged into Verizon via UUNET and MCI Worldcom . In 1999, the parent company of EUnet International, Qwest, took over 100% of the Karlsruhe Xlink in return .

At the beginning of 1993 the project was established as EUnet Deutschland GmbH with the participation of the German Unix User Group ( GUUG ) in the Dortmund Technology Center . In 1999 , EUnet Deutschland GmbH was taken over by UUNET Technologies and renamed UUNET Deutschland GmbH in the same year. In 2001 UUNET was taken over by the then WorldCom Group (later MCI Worldcom), where UUNET formed the basis for building up the IP division. The German branch that emerged from the EUnet project is now part of the German branch of the telecommunications company Verizon, based in Dortmund.

EUnet in Austria

EUnet Austria was founded on February 13, 1992 by the Unix User Group Austria (UUGA) and some investors as EUnet EDV Dienstleistungs GmbH. EUnet Austria was the first commercial internet provider in Austria. The first customer was connected in April 1992. In the following years EUnet Austria was the leading internet provider in the business customer segment. EUnet Austria played a bigger role in the Austrian market than EUnet Germany in the German market, which can be seen from the fact that the turnover - converted to the number of inhabitants - at EUnet Austria was approx. 5 times as high. In 1994 EUnet Austria took a 40% stake in, the first Internet provider for the mass market in Austria. In 1996, EUnet took over 100% of in a share swap, which was integrated into EUnet Austria on September 26, 1997.

EUnet in Switzerland

EUnet AG was founded on September 8, 1994 after EUnet services had been operated for three years as a "profit center" in the CHUUG (Swiss Unix Users Group). The outsourcing was made possible by the abolition of the telecommunications monopoly for data services in Switzerland. Before the CHUUG offer was tolerated, it could not be developed commercially.

EUnet AG was the first commercial provider of Internet access in Switzerland. In 1991, CHUUG's EUnet service was one of the first ways to get Internet access in Europe outside of the academic environment.

EUnet International

In 1996 EUnet Austria, EUnet Belgium, EUnet Czech Republic, EUnet Finland, EUnet France, EUnet Norway and EUnet Switzerland were incorporated into the newly founded EUnet International Group (EUnet International BV, Amsterdam as the operative company). EUnet International subsequently acquired or founded EUnet Portugal, Romania, Sweden, and Luxembourg.

EUnet International was taken over by Qwest on March 26, 1998 and incorporated into KPNQwest on April 13, 1999 , the name EUnet being given up. Xlink Internet Service GmbH belonged to KPNQwest in Germany .

In Austria, the EUnet brand was revived at the end of 2004 , and various providers such as Tiscali Austria and ATnet were merged by the owner The Jordan Company . In 2006 the company was taken over by eTel and the EUnet brand again disappeared from the market. In December 2006 Telekom Austria agreed to acquire eTel for a purchase price of approx. EUR 90 million, which the competition authorities approved in April 2007.

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