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Eclipse software suite
Basic data

developer Sapienza Consulting ltd.
Publishing year December 2009
Current  version 4.9 "Oyxgen"
(August 4th 2017)
operating system RHEL ES , CentOS V. 5, Solaris V. 10
programming language Java , JSP , JavaScript
category Enterprise content management
License commercially

Eclipse is a European Cooperation for Space Standardization (ECSS) compliant platform with software applications that are available for the preparation, processing and implementation of space projects and for supporting the mission teams. Companies in the aerospace industry can use this software to support and carry out projects. Activities and processes can be organized with the following content: Configuration Management, Quality Assurance, Product Assurance, Project Management.

According to the developer (Sapienza Consulting ltd.) The Eclipse software suite offers its users an advanced, simple handling and is subject to the ECSS.

Eclipse is used in the aerospace industry to plan projects and was first presented to the space industry at the following events:

  • International Space System Engineering Conference , 1. – 4. June 2010, Budapest
  • ESA Knowledge Management Conference , 21. – 23. June 2010, European Space Operations Center (ESOC), Darmstadt

The Eclipse software suite is currently used by the European Space Agency ( ESA ) and other companies in the European space industry.


Eclipse supports the following project steps:


Eclipse contains the following modules:

abbreviation Module name use
AIM Management of a to-do list Development and monitoring of all options for action. Storage of actions developed by other Eclipse modules (e.g. from DCCM or eRID).
DAB Database Application Builder Creation of management, finance, contract and engineering applications
DASH Management cockpit Upload and manage dashboards.
DCCM Document, setting and change management Review, approval, management and distribution of documents taking into account the ECSS M-ST-10C.
EEE Electrical, Electronic and Electromechanical Database Management of EEE elements.

Management and review of the associated Declared Components Lists (DCLs).

Where applicable, taking into account ECSS Q-ST-60C.

ICMDB Industry Capability Mapping Database Manage information about organizations, their products and services against specific technology and competence requirements.
Recording and tracking of the performance capacities of suppliers, including key performance indicators ( Key performance indicators , KPIs) of products and services.
JAIL Java Authentication Interface LDAP Centralized authentication and administration of users for all ECLIPSE modules.
MyECLIPSE My ECLIPSE Management of personalized user groups, bookmarks and settings.
eNCTS Nonconformance (NC) tracking system Identification, processing and rectification of nonconformancies based on a product tree. Sharing of NC data via XML interface (interfaces) with the NC tools of other NC users. Where applicable, taking into account ECSS Q-ST-10-09C.
PAM Project Administration Module Administration of user accounts, profiles and authorizations.
eRID Review Items of Discrepancy Preparation, configuration, administration and control of the reviews of project and mission documents.

Where applicable, taking into account ECSS M-ST-10-01C.

eRISK Risk management Identification and assessment of risks. Identification of actions to minimize risks.
Where applicable, taking into account ECSS M-ST-80C.


The Eclipse software suite was or is used for project development / project management :


Sapienza Consulting is an aerospace company based in the UK. It was founded in 1994 by Mike Bearman and Tariq Larfaoui to support companies with project management and IT consulting. In 2009 the product "Eclipse" was introduced, which should simplify the project organization in the space area. A year later, the product was presented to the space industry.

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