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Édika (2012)

Édika (born January 27, 1940 in Heliopolis / Cairo , Egypt ) is the stage name of the French comic artist and author Édouard Karali .


Édika began his professional career in the advertising industry in Egypt , but then moved to France in the late 1970s , where he was soon able to celebrate the first releases of his comics at Charlie Mensuel . Édika's family has now produced some well-known names on the French scene , including Édika's little brother Carali , who later published Édika in his comic magazine Psykopat . Most of the time, however, Édika worked for the Fluide Glacial magazine .


Édika often puts himself in the limelight in his comics under the name Bronsky Proko. His wife Olga, son Paganini, daughter Georges and the cat Clark Gaybeul represent his family, and the editors of Fluide Glacial also frequently appear in the stories of the Frenchman. In 1979 the first contributions appeared under the name "Edi" in the Fluide Glacial . In 1981 the first Édika album was released in France ( Debiloff profondikoum ). In the 80s and 90s several edika volumes appeared in Germany. In Germany, his comics have appeared in U-Comix magazine since the early 1980s . The magazine from the Volksverlag suffered from frequent indexing by the Federal Inspectorate for Media Harmful to Young People , which was not infrequently due to the articles published in it by Édika.


Édika is characterized by a lively, sometimes confused drawing style.

His stories often escalate into wild sex scenes that, like the stories in general, are absurd. Quite a few stories end without a punchline.

Édika does not attach importance to portraying human beauty or writing erotic stories. He always works at the extreme extreme - within his framework. With him there are no sexual hints, but rather exaggerations. His characters, and occasionally animals, are endlessly weak and always give in to their instincts, mostly in a bizarre, exaggerated way.

Édika manages completely without chauvinistic content. Violence - however extreme - is always recognizable as comically grotesque with him, never serving any power fantasies, but always the comic. His image of women combines the helplessly ugly with the irresistibly attractive: men and women, like children and animals, are all lovable nosed men, victims of their circumstances.

Édika leaves out the subject of politics. His satirical personal descriptions, after reading them, the reader should no longer be able to take anyone seriously, are statement enough for him.

Outward features are the characters' long noses, not dissimilar to those of the Werner comics. The huge amounts of text that he puts in the speech bubbles are also typical . If necessary, he reduces the font to scribble to suggest that it could go on indefinitely.

Since he keeps leaving the fictional level of comic events to let characters climb out of the picture frame or to show that he still has to draw a few pages to get his salary, he also lets the picture frames get smaller and smaller at the end of some stories because he cannot finish the story in the given number of pages.

Recurring characters are the adult man Bronski Proko and occasionally his family: his wife Olga and the children Paganini (or just "Nini") and Georges. The family also includes a non-speaking tomcat who shows otherwise human behavior, named Clarke Gaybeul.

Selection of comics published in Germany

The following volumes have been published by Alpha-Comic Verlag :

  • With fabric softener
  • Knock out!
  • Horn flambéed
  • Totally freaked out
  • The debilitating fundamentalist
  • Blödmannski Totalnikoff
  • Harrgott Margot
  • and various single episodes in U-Comix

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