Edmé Félix Alfred Vulpian

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Alfred Vulpian.
Vulpian statue on Rue de l'Ecole de Médecine in Paris.

Edmé Félix Alfred Vulpian (born January 5, 1826 in Paris ; † May 18, 1887 ibid), mostly simply Alfred Vulpian , was a French physiologist and neurologist and professor of pathological anatomy and experimental pathology . He was a student of the physiologist Marie Jean Pierre Flourens .

Alfred Vulpian studied medicine in Paris, received his doctorate in 1853 and initially a hospital doctor in Paris. In 1867 he was appointed professor of pathological anatomy to the medical faculty of the Sorbonne. In 1872 he made comparative and experimental pathology his subject.

In 1876 he was accepted into the Académie des Sciences . In 1878 he was elected a corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences in Saint Petersburg .

In 1856 he discovered adrenaline when, while staining the adrenal gland with ferric chloride solution, he saw that the adrenal medulla (but not the adrenal cortex) and the venous blood flowing from it took on a green color. Thus, for the first time, an internal secretory substance, adrenaline, which takes on the green color, was chemically detected. This specific adrenal substance was presented in pure form and named as adrenaline by Takamine in 1901 .


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