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Eduard Heinrich Christian Sonne (born September 13, 1828 in Ilfeld , † February 25, 1917 in Darmstadt ) was a German civil engineer and university professor .


Eduard Sonne was born in 1828 as the son of the director of the educational center in the small town of Ilfeld in the Harz region. He attended the Polytechnic School in Hanover for four years and passed the first state examination in railway construction. He then studied for two semesters with Carl Friedrich Gauß at the Georg-August University in Göttingen . From 1855 he was employed in the state railway service of the Kingdom of Hanover . In 1866 he was appointed to the chair of engineering at the Stuttgart Polytechnic . In early 1872 he took over a full professorship for engineering at the Darmstadt Polytechnic (from 1877 Darmstadt Technical University ). Here he taught for over 20 years, particularly in the fields of road and railroad construction.

Eduard Sonne is considered to be one of the founders of the Handbuch der Ingenieurwissenschaften , which he and a few colleagues published in five parts from 1880 onwards. He knew the co-editor Ludwig Franzius from his time in Hanover. For a long time, this manual was regarded as a basic work in engineering and has appeared in several editions.

Sonne was also deeply involved in academic administration. From 1872 to 1875 he was the rector of the Grand Ducal Polytechnic School in Darmstadt. From the summer of 1872 he campaigned for the establishment of a general library in the rooms of the Technical University and for the creation of a first reading room. From 1877 to 1878 he was the deputy dean of the engineering school at the Technical University of Darmstadt. From 1881 to 1882 he was rector again, then dean of the engineering school for another three years.

In August 1895, Sonne retired at his own request . However, he was still a member of the college's grand senate and retained the right to give lectures. In 1897 he became President of the Central Office for Trade in Darmstadt.

Eduard Sonne died in February 1917 at the age of 89 in Darmstadt. He was born with Mathilde Lüpcke married.



  • About uniform German measure. Proposals for contemporary changes to the metric system of measurement in line with German conditions. Hanover 1865.
  • On the question of water extraction for the city of Darmstadt and for places with related soil conditions. Darmstadt 1879.
  • Hydraulic engineering. Leipzig 1879. (together with Ludwig Franzius )
  • Handbuch der Ingenieurwissenschaften Leipzig 1880 ff. (In five parts, together with Ludwig Franzius, P. Gerhardt, Johann Friedrich Bubendey and R. Jasmund)
  • Elements of hydraulic engineering, for students of higher educational institutions and younger technicians. Leipzig 1904. (together with Karl Esselborn)
  • Memories from my youth. Darmstadt 1909.
  • Creation and development of the handbook of engineering sciences. Leipzig 1913.


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