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Edwin Müller , later Edwin Mueller , (born December 2, 1898 in Vienna , † October 5, 1962 in New York City ) was one of Austria's most important philatelists . His works relating to old Austrian postage stamps are still among the most important documents of Austrian philatelists. His stamp catalogs in particular still appear unchanged today in new editions.


Edwin Müller began to be interested in postage stamps as a child. After the First World War , at the beginning of the 1920s , he began to issue his own stamp magazine "Die Postmarke" , which soon became one of the most important philatelic magazines in the world. At that time Edwin Müller mainly devoted himself to the postage stamps of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy . Much acclaimed works were created at this time. He became one of the most important philatelists in the world.

The Austrian government entrusted him with the organization of the International Philatelic Exhibition in Vienna ( WIPA 1933 ) . It was one of the largest philatelic exhibitions in the world before the outbreak of World War II . Because of the great success of WIPA, he was even awarded by the state. In the same year he became President of the Fédération Internationale de la Presse Philatélique .

After the annexation to the German Reich in 1938 Edwin Müller had to flee to the USA . From now on he called himself Edwin Mueller. In the following years he continued to deal with philately and worked for the first time as an auctioneer . Edwin Mueller worked, among other things, as a brand dealer and writer of philatelic magazines in his new home in New York until his death.


1927, 1932 winner's prize

Works (selection)

  • Large handbook of the cancellations of Old Austria and Lombardy-Veneto, Vienna 1925
  • The postage stamps of Austria, Vienna 1927
  • The postmark on the 1867 postage stamp issue of Austria and Hungary, Vienna 1930
  • Austria special catalog 1850-1918, New York 1952 bilingual
  • Handbook of the Pre-Stamps Postmarks of Austria, New York 1960
  • Handbook of the cancellations of Austria and Lombardy-Venetia, New York 1961 bilingual

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