Real snakes

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Real snakes
Smooth snake (Coronella austriaca)

Smooth snake ( Coronella austriaca )

Order : Scale reptiles (Squamata)
without rank: Toxicofera
Subordination : Snakes (serpentes)
Superfamily : Adder-like and viper-like (Colubroidea)
Family : Adders (Colubridae)
Subfamily : Real snakes
Scientific name
Oppel , 1811

The real snakes or land and tree snakes (Colubrinae) are a subfamily of the snakes (Colubridae). They have diverse lumbar vertebrae , which, unlike those of the Natricinae , never have hypapophyses (ventral processes). In contrast to the Dipsadinae , they have no flat vertebral arches together with a broad downward keel. The actual adder are the largest subfamily of the adder, the exact number of the genera assigned to them varies depending on the underlying system. The Colubrinae also include well-known species of snakes such as the angry snake , the African egg snake or the king snake .


The genera of the Colubrinae, according to The Reptile Database :

Common egg snake ( Dasypeltis scabra )
Pointed snake ( Gonyosoma oxycephalum )
Red king snake ( Lampropeltis elapsoides )
Mastigodryas boddaerti
Opheodrys aestivus
Stair snake ( Rhinechis scalaris )
Telescopus semiannulatus


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