Entrance Office

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Entry office (also entry office ) is the lowest office in a career in German civil service law . An official at the start of a civil servant on probation in principle awarded the entrance office.

Civil servants in civil servant status on revocation do not yet hold any legal office. After successfully completing the preparatory service, you will be awarded the entry office with the appointment as a probationary officer.

The appointment to a higher office than the entry office of the career is exceptionally permissible with corresponding professional experience or other qualifications that have been acquired in addition to the degrees and professional experience required for the recognition of the career qualification.

Entry offices by career group

For federal civil servants , the following salary groups are assigned to the incoming offices of the four career groups (examples of typical (basic) official titles in brackets ):

In some countries, different regulations apply.

Transport office

A transport office is an office with a higher final base salary than the incoming office. Promotions are based on suitability , qualifications and professional performance . Promotions are generally not permitted within one year of being hired or the last promotion.


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