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Certificate of appointment of a fully qualified lawyer (excerpt) to the Government Council - Third Reich - Berchtesgaden January 18, 1941

Government Council ( RR ) in Germany is an office of a civil servant in the career group of the higher service (in Bavaria 4th QE) in the federal or state administration in the entrance office . The official title is made up of the basic office designation council and the addition to the basic office designation government .

In Bavaria , during the last reform of the service law, the previous title of Oberamtsrat for the top office of the higher service (in Bavaria now: 3rd QE) was abolished, and the gearing office was replaced by a government councilor.


The Office is in 13 Grade A of the federal pay regulation of the Federal Civil Service Remuneration Act grouped. The same applies to the classification in the salary regulations of the state salary laws. The Office corresponds to the grade level and grade the ranks of Major , Lieutenant Commander , medical officer , -apothekers and -veterninärs the Bundeswehr .


Members of the higher non-technical administrative service are often qualified to hold the office of judge or have completed another course of study that qualifies them for this career in connection with a full-time job, a corresponding subject-specific preparatory service (legal clerkship) or successfully completed a promotion process.


The official title government councilor is the most common in the career of the higher non-technical administrative service of the federal government. Other official titles used in this career are archivist and library councilor . Comparable civil servants carry the official titles Legationsrat or Consul in the higher foreign service , in the higher banking service at the Deutsche Bundesbank the official title Bundesbankrat , in the higher police enforcement service the official title Police Council (when used in the police at the German Bundestag Police Council at the German Bundestag ) and in the higher criminal police enforcement service the Official title Kriminalrat .

In the higher technical administrative service , the regular official title comparable to the government council is technical government council . In addition, there is also the official title of Fire Council in this career .

In the higher medical and health science service , the regular official title comparable to the government council is medical councilor . When used in the medical service of the federal police she reads medical officer in the federal police , in agriculture, forestry and nutritional science and veterinary service , provided forestry scientific tasks are performed, forestry commissioner and art historical service custodian .

At scientific institutions, the official titles comparable to the government council are Academic Council and Scientific Council .

In the expiring careers of civil servants at the post office successor companies and civil servants of the federal railway assets who are on leave or assigned to work at Deutsche Bahn , the official titles comparable to the government council are Bundesbahnrat and Postrat .

In the administrations of the municipalities and other corporations, the designation “government” is replaced by appropriate additions that characterize the career path (e.g. administrative , city ). In the school service, the comparable official title is Schulrat .

Service position in an authority

In large authorities, government councilors are usually subordinate to a department head as speakers and superiors to a group of employees within a department . In smaller offices you can also hold the position of a unit, subject area or department head.

Promotion offices

The entrance offices are different depending on the career path. Promotion offices are senior government councilor , government director and senior government director or ministerial councilor as well as offices in salary order B (e.g. ministerial councilor, ministerial director , ministerial director , president of an authority).

Official titles of civil servants in salary regulations A
Official title abbreviation Grade Career group education
Senior Government Director LRD A 16 higher service master
Government director RD A 15
Upper Government Council ORR A 14
Government Council RR A 13 (entrance office)
Senior Government Councilor ROAR A 13 higher service Bachelor
Government councilor RAR A 12
Government official RA A 11
Chief Government Inspector ROI A 10
Government inspector RI A 9 (entrance office)
Government Inspector RAI A 9 Medium Grade Vocational training
Government Chief Secretary RHS A 8
Government Secretary ROS A 7
Government secretary RS A 6 (entrance office)
Chief magistrate OAM A 5 simple service Semi-skilled
Magistrate AT THE A 4
Full-time assistant HAG A 3
Senior clerk OAG A 2 (entrance office)

Individual evidence

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