Government secretary

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Government Secretary ( RS ) in Germany is the official designation of a civil servant in the middle service in the federal or state administration in the entrance office . In the middle technical administrative service of the federal government, the official title is "Technical Government Secretary".


The position is paid with the salary group A 6 according to the federal salary regulations of the Federal Salary Act and thus corresponds to salary law of a staff sergeant of the Bundeswehr .


Government secretaries typically have completed two-year career training for middle service. During this time, they carried the title ofcandidate for government secretaries ”. The basic school requirement for admission to career training is at least a secondary school leaving certificate . Many applicants, however, have a technical college entrance qualification or a high school diploma .

Service position in an authority

Government secretaries usually perceive simpler tasks such as business or anteroom activities as an office clerk in the administration and work an official of the elevated service to immediately.

Promotion offices

The promotion offices are the government chief secretary (ROS), government chief secretary (RHS) and government office inspector (RAI).

Official titles of civil servants in salary regulations A
Official title abbreviation Grade Career group education
Senior Government Director LRD A 16 higher service master
Government director RD A 15
Upper Government Council ORR A 14
Government Council RR A 13 (entrance office)
Senior Government Councilor ROAR A 13 higher service Bachelor
Government councilor RAR A 12
Government official RA A 11
Chief Government Inspector ROI A 10
Government inspector RI A 9 (entrance office)
Government Inspector RAI A 9 Medium Grade Vocational training
Government Chief Secretary RHS A 8
Government Secretary ROS A 7
Government secretary RS A 6 (entrance office)
Chief magistrate OAM A 5 simple service Semi-skilled
Magistrate AT THE A 4
Full-time assistant HAG A 3
Senior clerk OAG A 2 (entrance office)