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Rat with opened abdominal cavity and exposed internal organs. Below the uterus with fetuses .
Guts in the pig

In a broader sense, entrails are the totality of the internal organs located in the skull and in the large body cavities (visceral organs in the chest , abdominal and pelvic cavities ) . In everyday language the term is used synonymously with the abdominal viscera (organs of the abdomen ).

Foreign words

The medical term for the viscera is viscera ( Latin viscera ), the affiliation to the viscera is referred to with the adjective visceral . The surgery on the bowels is called visceral surgery .

The doctrine of the viscera is called Splanchnologie ( Greek τὰ σπλάγχνα tà splánchna (plural word) "entrails").

Viscera in animals

In the case of animals for slaughter, one also speaks of innards , in the hunter's language of " departure ". A piece of game wounded by a shot in the intestines is called a “weidwund” (also “waidwund”).


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