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Aerial view to the west down the Elbe.
Elbe crossing 2 in front, Elbe crossing 1 behind, left: Lühesand island with the southern pylons of both Elbe crossings, in the background on the banks of the Elbe the former Stade nuclear power plant
Support masts: Elbe crossing 2

The Elbe Crossing 2 is a 1976 to 1978 built 380 kV three-phase - Overhead line crossing the Elbe , which was put into operation 1978th The overhead line connects the Wilster substation with the Dollern substation , which is east of Stade . Elbe crossing 2, designed for four three-phase circuits with an operating voltage of 380  kV , extends Elbe crossing 1 , which was commissioned in 1962 .


Elbe crossing 2 consists of four masts:

  • A guy mast on the Lower Saxony mainland with a height of 76 m. This mast stands on an area of ​​18 m × 18 m. It has three trusses with spans of 42 m, 51 m and 42 m at heights of 37 m, 49 m and 61 m.
  • Two support masts (designed as a barrel mast ) 227 m high, one each on the island of Lühesand and one on the Schleswig-Holstein mainland near Hetlingen . These pylons are considered to be the highest high-voltage pylons in Europe. The masts of the Elbe crossing 2 stand on an area of ​​45 m × 45 m. Its three trusses, which are 56 m, 70 m and 57 m long, are located at heights of 172 m, 190 m and 208 m. These two masts, which weigh 980  tons , have a self-propelled climbing elevator that moves inside the structure in a steel tube. The masts are also equipped with an uninterruptible power supply for flight safety lights. The devices required for this are located in a house on the ground in the middle of the mast.
  • A guy mast on the Schleswig-Holstein mainland with a height of 62 m. This mast stands on an area of ​​14 m × 14 m. It has three trusses with spans of 42 m, 51 m and 42 m at heights of 23 m, 35 m and 47 m.

The span between the pylons over the Elbe is around 1,170 m.

All four masts of Elbe crossing 2 are equipped with walkways secured by railings. They lead two lightning protection conductors.

The enormous height of the two masts on the island of Lühesand and the Hetlinger Schanze is necessary to ensure the required 75 meters of clearance under the sagging lines on the Elbe.


Of the twelve conductor cables at Elbe crossing 2, only six conductor cables (two three-phase circuits) were used in the beginning. The other six conductor cables had already been installed on the masts when the line was erected so as not to have to operate the high effort of the cable pull across the Elbe a second time, but they were first earthed to the two guy masts. When the railways in Schleswig-Holstein were electrified in the 1990s, four of the unused conductor cables at Elbe crossing 2 were put into operation as traction power lines , with four cables for 110 kV traction power being installed on the adjoining section of the line . The pylons of Elbe crossing 2 are thus the highest overhead line pylons used by Deutsche Bahn AG. The tallest dedicated traction power masts are in Bremen and serve as a four-circuit traction power line to cross the Weser .

Ruling from 2018

The traction power lines will be switched to Elbe crossing 1 . Then the double ropes are replaced by quadruple ropes, thus doubling the conductor ropes. A construction period of 12 weeks is expected for each rope group, a total of around 2 years. This should almost quadruple the capacity from 2.4 gigawatts to 9.6 gigawatts. It is expected to cost € 165 million. Conversions on the connecting lines have already been carried out since 2017.


On August 13, 2001, when visibility was poor, a light aircraft collided with one of the earth cables at Elbe crossing 2 between the two support masts and was badly damaged, but was still able to land. People were not harmed.




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